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Your Wedding Deserves to Be Nothing Less than Personal!

Every couple is unique in their own way – and as such, every wedding should be unique too. Of course, wedding trends can inspire you to create an event that mirrors your style and personality – but how about your love story? How about the things that define you as a couple, the road you’ve walked on to reach this point, the moments you shared?

Well, there are ways to include that in the wedding as well – and following, we have gathered some of the best tips to help you make your Big Day more personal. Read on and find out more.

  • Connect the wedding with the proposal. The moment of the proposal is one of the most important ones in your lives as a couple – so it only makes sense that you would include this in the wedding. If the proposal happened somewhere special or if a distinctive element was included in it, you could bring that into your wedding too. For instance, let’s say he proposed in New York City – then you could incorporate the Statue of Liberty in something cute, like the welcome bags or the wedding favors.
  • Connect them with the menu. If you and your loved one have foods that mean something for you – such as foods you always make when you have a date night, the first food you ate together, or foods you discovered in your travels, you should definitely include them in your wedding menu. Furthermore, if you have special foods that celebrate the places you come from or your ancestry, you should include those too.
  • Connect them with the theme. Do you have a favorite book or a favorite movie? You could definitely pull off an elegant wedding incorporating those themes. For instance, if you like Harry Potter, you can include motifs from this movie/ book into your wedding. For instance, you could use potion bottles for the wedding centrepieces, and you can group guests at large rectangular tables according to their “House” or at smaller tables, according to your favorite characters.

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