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Your Father Will Definitely Want to Help with the Wedding! Here Are Some Tasks for Him

As the father of the bride, your dad is more than proud – it doesn’t happen every day that his baby girl is getting married and he wants you to be truly happy on this special event of your life.

Naturally, he will want to help both before and during the Big Day – but what are the tasks you can assign him?

We have gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Planning the budget. It doesn’t matter how large or small your budget may be – a plan is in order if you want everything to be handled well. Traditionally, the parents of the bride are in charge with both planning and paying for the wedding reception – and although that rule may not be followed entirely these days, your dad can still be the one handling the budget. He will love the importance of this task!
  • Planning the transportation and accommodation. If you have out of town guests or if you plan on having a destination wedding, you will want to make sure everyone is properly accommodated and transported on the Big Day. Since there will be a lot of things for you to handle anyway, why not task your father with this duty? He will definitely enjoy feeling involved in the wedding planning and he will definitely do a great job of making sure your guests are happily accommodated and safely transported to and from the wedding venue!
  • Receiving guests. Receiving lines are quite passé and a lot of couples choose to skip them these days – but even so, your father can still help entertain the guests (especially his side of the family). This is not to say that you shouldn’t stop to talk to everyone for a minute or two, but your dad can help make this less stressful and easier to handle.
  • Giving the speech. This is almost a must when it comes to weddings, but do remember to officially ask your dad to give a speech during the wedding reception. He will absolutely love preparing for it and he will definitely deliver the best wedding speech ever!

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