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Yes, You Can Definitely Have a Star Wars Wedding

Here at Bluff Mountain Inn, we believe every couple is unique in their own way – and we just love it when brides and grooms bring their own personality into their Big Day.

For example, are you Star Wars fans? If so, have you ever considered having a wedding inspired by the famous movie? It can totally be done – and it doesn’t have to lose its elegance and beauty, in any way, actually!

How? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • The footwear. Thankfully, Star Wars is “popular enough” for you to be able to find pretty much anything related to it. A pair of socks with a Star Wars-related design for the groom and a pair of cute sneakers imprinted with the Millennium Falcon design – now, that’s a sweet touch that will show off your passion for Star Wars AND make you feel more unique!
  • Lightsaber bouquets. How about replacing the traditional bouquet wraps with lightsabers? This will look so fun and you will definitely love walking down the aisle feeling like a Jedi Knight! If you want to, you can do the same with your bridesmaids’ bouquets as well – they’ll definitely feel just as cool as you do!
  • Place card holders. Star Wars Lego toys can be found everywhere – so why not turn them into the perfect place card holders for a wedding themed around this movie? If you want to keep it uniform, only get the Stormtroopers to hold the place cards for your guests. It will look so cute!
  • Princess Leia and Han Solo references. As one of the cutest couples ever, Princess Leia and Han Solo are definitely #goals for you and your loved one. How about bringing their love story into yours, for an experience guests won’t forget very soon? For instance, a wedding favor bag printed with the two Star Wars characters will bring a nice personal touch to your wedding favors. Likewise, you could get customized champagne flutes (“his” and “her”, with quotes from Han Solo, respectively from Princess Leia). So sweet!


Have you booked the right wedding venue in Sevierville? Contact Bluff Mountain Inn if you haven’t! We’re here to provide you with more than just a venue. We’re here to help you make your dream wedding come true, no matter what theme you may choose for it! Contact us today and you won’t regret it!

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