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Why Would You Want a Winter Wedding?

Most brides and grooms settle on the idea of a spring or summer wedding for obvious reasons: the weather, the abundance of flowers, and even the guests’ availability.

Why would you want a winter Sevierville wedding, though? What is so special about planning your Big Day in the cool season?

We have gathered some of the most popular reasons winter brides and grooms have fallen in love with the season – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • Snowy wedding photos. What could be more beautiful than romantic photos of you and your loved one kissing in the snow? There’s something magical, timelessly romantic, and utterly unforgettable about this kind of pictures – so this is a very good reason to settle on a winter wedding.
  • Most of the venues and wedding vendors will usually practice lower prices during the cool season, precisely because it’s not as busy as spring and summer are. If you’re looking to save some money and still get an ultra-romantic wedding, this is the way. Plus, you’re more likely to find your preferred venue and vendors
  • There’s just nothing like spending quality time over a cup of mulled wine or hot chocolate. If you want a cozy, intimate, sweet and romantic wedding, winter is just the perfect season for it – everyone will love the food, the comforting effect, and, of course, the warm drinks.
  • Since most weddings happen during summertime, it is far more likely that your guests will be more available for your wedding day. Even more, since they haven’t been to a wedding in a few months, it is more likely that they will actually have more fun at yours – your Big Day will not be the fifth one on their list, but an occasion to celebrate and party.
  • Can you imagine the impact a tropical honeymoon will have on you as you move from snowy landscapes to exotic island time? Not only will you be able to book your honeymoon for cheaper in a lot of exotic locations, but you will also be able to truly enjoy all the sunshine and positive vibes – and, of course, you will come back all tanned, in the middle of the winter (which is always a plus, let’s admit it).


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