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What Happens When You’re In Conflict with Your Maid of Honor?


Fact: weddings are among the most stressful events human beings go through. Of course, the main people who will be stressed about everything will be none else than the bride and the groom.

However, that doesn’t mean weddings aren’t stressful for other people in the close proximity of the bride and groom.

Take your Maid of Honor, for example. She’s only human, so anxiety and stress are bound to take over her sooner or later too. What happens when that makes the two of you come in conflict, though?

We have some tips for you – continue reading and learn more about this.

  • Communication, communication, communication. This is the absolute golden key to any successful relationship – be it a love relationship, friendship, or business partnership. Sit down with your Maid of Honor and talk about things. What is it that’s bothering her, really? Is it something related to the wedding? The dress she will wear? The other bridesmaids or important participants in the wedding? Or is it something external – something that’s bothering her outside of the entire wedding planning?
  • Understand why she is upset. Knowing she doesn’t like her dress is one thing – learning that she doesn’t like it because she’s always told you she looks awful in pink goes deeper than that. Understand WHY your Maid of Honor is so upset and why it is that this issue is affecting her so much.
  • Be the best friend. This is not a moment to be a “bride”, because it could actually make things worse for your relationship with your Maid of Honor. Be a friend, instead. Offer advice, offer yourself to help (and even more so if the issue your MoH has is related to something external). Be a genuinely good friend and discuss these matters with your Maid of Honor to help her eliminate the source of stress and anxiety. If it’s something connected to the wedding and you don’t want to change it, nicely explain that it’s something you really care about – your friend will definitely understand.


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