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These Winter Wedding Tips Will Keep You Warm and Comfy

Permit us to use these famous words from a TV show “Winter is coming” but that does not mean that life stops. For example, we still have to go to work and you can also have your wedding in the winter. If you have your wedding planned for between December to February, here are a few tips from us at Bluff Mountain Inn on how to keep you and your guests warm and comfy during your Tennessee winter wedding.

• Blanket Containing Baskets
There is nothing quite like coming in from the outdoors and wrapping yourself up in a warm blanket on a normal winter’s day. Set up some blanket stations as part of your wedding arrangements so that your guests can wrap up if they get a bit too cold. There’s nothing as cozy as a group of friends sitting around with blankets wrapped around them at a wedding.

• Serve Hot Drinks
Most weddings nowadays have coffee and tea available to serve after the cutting of the cake. For your winter wedding, you can have a hot chocolate, coffee or tea cart ready to serve your guests warm drinks whenever they need it. You can also have variations of mulled wine or cider on hand.

• Keep Your Guests Dry
Even if you are having your wedding in an indoor location, it is a great idea to have, for example, an umbrella station, so that guests can keep dry going to and from your venue. There nothing as bad as getting wet and having to spend the day in clothes that won’t dry properly, so help your guests to avoid that.

• Have A Coats And Umbrella Station
Your wedding decorations and seating are part of your wedding theme and setting, so there is nothing more annoying than having them covered up by the coats and umbrellas that people will probably bring to your event in the winter. Having an umbrella and coat’s station will solve this problem and will also help you avoid the drips and puddles that would occur otherwise thus turning your venue into a slip hazard.

• Work with The Theme
If you are having a winter wedding then why not make the most of it? Winter Wonderland theme is a great idea to make your wedding stand out from the crowd. It is also very adaptable towards features such as big warm coats.
Are you thinking of having your wedding in Tennessee? Why not hold it with us at Bluff Mountain Inn? We’re a hidden gem in the Great Smoky Mountains designed to be a casually elegant destination- wedding venue. We’re looking forward to hearing from you. Contact us today!

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