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Snow on the Mountain

One never know what surprises winter will bring to the Smoky Mountains.  Yesterday an ice storm coated all the trees, cars and anything that wasn’t moving with a pretty thick coat of ice.  Best thing to do is bundle up, go out and enjoy the views.

A panoramic view of the snow covered lawn


The big red barn event center at Bluff Mountain Inn


So many weddings take place in the mountains all seasons.  According to online statistics the 3 most popular destination wedding locations in the world are:  1. Las Vegas 2. Istanbul Turkey and 3. Gatlinburg TN. 

We’ve been living in these Smoky Mountains for so many years that we sometimes take them for granted, but for millions of people around the world this place is a vacation destination as well as a family tradition.  So what better place can you think of to have a combination of your wedding ceremony, a family reunion and a big party?

Panoramic shot of mountain view from Bluff Mountain Inn

Here are some other interesting stats about weddings. The average engagement in the United States is 15 months.  The national average cost of a wedding dress is $1,211.  The average number of guests at each wedding is 133-143.  17% of American brides in 2012 opted for a “casual” wedding and we believe that number is going up.  These numbers come from a report done by CNN and this has nothing to do with the beautiful images you’re looking at, but we are in the wedding business and like to talk about it!

Ice on the pine tree with the big red event barn in the background.

Bluff Mountain Inn has some pretty spectacular scenery in every season of the year.  Winter, spring, summer or fall, this secluded five acre private estate can be the ideal location for your Gatlinburg Wedding Destination.  Call us to schedule a tour or just visit and see what great ideas we can come up with together.  The sky’s the limit.

Ice on the lights that make for beautiful reception decorationIce covering the Magnolia tree in the front lawnChristmas lights in the tree for evening wedding receptions on the lawnIce covering the stems of a magnolia tree on Bluff Mountain

Photographs are by Rick King, RIK Photography, who just happens to be our resident wedding photographer.  Thanks for visiting our blog and please check in again ; )

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