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Should I Have an Intimate Wedding?

We know that your wedding day is a big day in your life but does that necessarily mean that your wedding has to be a big one number wise? We at Bluff Mountain Inn do not think so. Everyone has a picture of what their ideal wedding should be like and if yours is a small intimate celebration with those closest to you, it is very valid. Apart from the fact that having a small wedding would be fulfilling your dreams, here are other reasons why having a small and intimate wedding is a great idea.

  • You Save Money

From the quantity of food to the number of wedding favors you have to get, a smaller wedding can be very budget-friendly. You also spend less time and money on sending wedding invitations and other aspects of your wedding like decorations, transportation, the bar, etc. You can then reassign this money to other ventures like your honeymoon.

  • Less Stress and Easy Management

While having a smaller wedding does not mean a simpler event, there is a difference between coordinating for 30-50 guests and 1000-3000 guests. You’ll agree with us that a smaller number of guests would mean more flexibility in your planning. Your RSVP won’t be a nightmare and even your menu would be easier. You’ll feel less overwhelmed and experience less drama.

  • You Have More Quality Time

Have you ever been to a wedding where you barely had any time to speak with the bride and groom and congratulate them? You avoid that with an intimate wedding. The smaller the guests at your wedding, the more time you have to spend welcoming them to your wedding as a couple. This improves the intimate and appreciated feel of your wedding atmosphere which means a more fun and memorable wedding.

  • Our Location

Here at Bluff Mountain Inn we love small and intimate weddings and have several locations on our five-acre property where you can hold yours. We also have intimate wedding packages with discounts that you can ask for. When you book with us, you can choose to have either an outdoor or indoor wedding because we have the facilities for it.

Bluff Mountain Inn is located in Sevierville and we are the prime location for your intimate wedding in Tennessee. We’d be happy to hear from you. Contact us today!

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