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Re-Use These Wedding Décor Items into Your New Home

Decorating a home and decorating a Sevierville wedding are different – but they show a lot of similarities as well. So, given that there’s not much to do with the wedding décor once the Big Day is over (aside from selling it), re-using some of the elements into your new home can be a really good idea.

What are some of the wedding décor items you might want to use as home décor as well? We have some ideas for you – read on and find out more.

  • Succulents are very popular right now and they can work wonderfully especially for summer weddings, when you want to be absolutely certain your green décor won’t whither by the end of the day. Because they’re so resistant, succulents can be taken home and used as décor after the wedding – you can do this, or you can offer them to your guests in little containers (e.g. teacups) as wedding favors.
  • Bulletin board. If you want to display your wedding guests’ seating cards in a cute way, this is it. A bulletin board is highly customizable, so it works with a variety of wedding themes – and it can work equally well in your home, when you want to organize information (e.g. you can use it in your home office).
  • Water, soda, and tea dispensers. These beverage dispensers are almost indispensable for a summer wedding, especially when you want to bring that cute rustic touch into the Big Day. The best part about including these in your wedding day is that you can re-use them for the exact same purpose at home as well (to make fruity water, for example).
  • Bar cart. If you want to create a really beautiful candy bar, a bar cart will surely be a great support. Plus, you can re-use it at home as well – to display sweets, or, why not, to display cocktail ingredients in your living room. This will be a wonderful addition at any party you plan on throwing at home in the future, so don’t be afraid to invest in something really nice!


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