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Your wedding is one of the happiest events of your life – and one of the grandest as well. Yet, all the pre-wedding events are very important too – so it’s only natural that you want those to be perfect from every point of view as well.

Of course, you want to make sure etiquette is closely followed when it comes to all these pre-wedding parties – but do you know how to deal with the bachelorette party costs? Who pays for that, actually?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • In general, each of the participants in a bachelorette party is expected to pay for her airfare, for her accommodation, and for their dinner/drinks/ etc. The bride should be paying for the transportation and accommodation, but generally speaking, it is expected that all of the other activities she engages in during the bachelorette party will be paid by the group of guests.
  • Depending on where the bachelorette party takes place and what is included, this can amount to pretty serious amounts of money. Since the Maid of Honor is the one planning this, you might want to discuss with her and ask her to choose a cost-effective option everyone can afford, especially if you’re concerned about the other guests/ bridesmaids spending too much for the pre-wedding fun.
  • Some of the best alternatives include house parties, restaurant dinners in town, girls’ night out, barbecue parties, or other fun activities that don’t necessarily involve a lot of transportation and accommodation (except for those guests who might come from out of town).
  • Being considerate about your bridesmaids’ spending is an excellent way of showing them you care about them and that you are thankful for the support they’ve offered you. You could also extend these principles to their dresses as well, and choose gowns that aren’t very expensive (and, maybe even more importantly, dresses that can be worn on other occasions as well, as this will definitely make the bridesmaids happy).


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Money can always be a stingy topic, even when it’s not necessarily wedding money. When it comes to splitting the costs of the Big Day, though, you want to make things clear from the very beginning. Yes, tradition dictates that the bride’s parents pay for the reception, while the groom’s parents pay for the rehearsal dinner – but these days, things are rarely that traditional.

So how do you talk to your parents about the one topic that scares all brides and grooms: money?

We have some tips to help you with this – so read on and find out more.


  • Talk to your loved one first. How do you want to handle this? Do you want to accept your parents’ money or would you much rather pay for the wedding in full? And if you do want to accept your parents’ financial help, how much will you accept? Will they pay for the entire wedding, which side will do it, and if you’re going to split the costs, how will this be done? Clear things out with your fiancé so that you’re both on the same page on this matter.
  • Always be polite. Even if you refuse your parents’ help, do it politely and explain your reasons. If you accept their help, be sure to thank them, but also remember to reiterate that there will be certain limits. When people participate financially in the creation of something (i.e. a wedding in this case), they might expect to have a say in the things that comprise it. If you’re not completely OK with that, talk to your parents about it – but, again, be polite about it.
  • Talk to the other side too. Will both your parents and his parents help with the wedding costs? Make sure you run it by both sides before you decide on anything. You really don’t want his parents to feel undermined, and you don’t want that for your parents either. Again, when money’s in the middle, a lot of feelings can be hurt, so it’s absolutely crucial that you handle everything with a lot of grace and tact.


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Summer may be almost over – but that doesn’t mean there aren’t many of you planning for next year’s summer weddings (or even this year’s, if you’re just pulling together the last details).

And what could be more suitable as a motif for a summer wedding, other than green leaves? What could be more energizing or more fit for the lush outdoor greenery?

If you’re looking for ways to incorporate the leaf motif in your wedding décor, be sure to read on and find out more because we’ve gathered some ideas you will definitely love!

  • The bouquet. The easiest way to incorporate lots of leaves in your wedding? Flowers, of course – or better, said, greenery. Talk to your florist and create a bridal bouquet that’s filled with leaves and foliage – it will look so lively and beautiful, so unique and fresh! No matter what season you may have chosen for your wedding, this is always a doable (and great-looking) idea.
  • Table runner. Of course, you could have your florist create a fantastic green table runner with fresh leaves and foliage. But if you want to play around and just add a pop of color, why not choose a fun table runner with leafy patterns? Exotic leaves work best, but there are plenty of other leaf-based patterns that could work just as great.
  • You could also include fresh or painted leaves in your wedding cake (and they will look fantastic with a white wedding cake, regardless of whether it’s a fondant-covered one or a buttercream-iced one!). If you want something even more original, why not wrap your cake stand in fresh leaves? It will make even the simplest wedding cake pop with life and energy!
  • Flower crown. OK, “flower” crown may not be the correct term here – but a greenery crown can be so beautiful! If you are looking for a fresh accessory that works with pretty much any type of boho-chic wedding (and wedding dress), this is IT. You will feel so naturally beautiful, so radiant as you wear this leafy crown!


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Your bridesmaids are amazing – for their friendship, for the support they’ve offered you, and for the endless hours of help they’ve provided you with in planning the Big Day.

Of course, you want your best friends to look amazing on your Sevierville wedding day – but contrary to the popular belief, that doesn’t mean that they have to wear actual dresses. In fact, there are many other super-unique options that will definitely satisfy anyone’s aesthetic and fashion senses – and following, we have gathered some of the best such bridesmaids dress alternatives. Read on and find out more.

  • Not a dress, but a two-piece. How about switching up things a bit and having your bridesmaids wear a two-piece made out of a feminine skirt and a lace-based crop top? This is a trendy combination that could work very well for your wedding “dress” too – so your bridesmaids will definitely feel amazing wearing this as they walk down the aisle and announce your own big entrance!
  • Denim jacket. You don’t have to stray away from tradition too much if you don’t want to. For instance, you could ask your bridesmaids to simply add a personalized denim jacket on top of their dresses. This works very well with dresses made from organza, veil, and fabrics that “flow” similarly!
  • Give power to the ladies! Since they don’t have to wear a dress, this means they can absolutely wear pants. There are so many super-stylish options when it comes to modern, posh pantsuits for women that it’s impossible not to find something your friends will love! This is a truly comfortable and original way of dressing your bridesmaids!
  • Want to take the pantsuit idea even further? Why not ask your super-ladies to dress in a tuxedo instead? It can be the basic black and white tuxedo, or something different, according to your wedding color scheme and wedding style. Either way, this kind of attire is bound to not only look very original, but also make a real empowerment statement – so everyone will just love the idea!


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All brides want to look beautiful on their wedding day – and you probably make no exception whatsoever. Beyond the dress (which is a matter of personal style), the makeup, and the hair, though, there is one thing all brides need to take care of if they want to look radiant as they walk down the aisle: their skin.

Sure, facial treatments and good products will definitely help your skin look better. But same as with pretty much anything else in the body, your skin is an organ – and it needs to be fed the proper “fuel” to look great.

What are some of the most important foods brides should consider for excellent skin? We have some tips for you – read on and find out more.

  • Green tea. This miracle drink is a wonderful coffee replacement. Not only is it healthier than coffee (and works just fine without sugar or milk in it!), but it’s also a great way to make sure you’re getting energy without the toll that frequently comes with coffee. Even more, green tea is extremely rich in antioxidants, which means that your skin will be protected from free radicals, it will look fresher and younger, and it will maintain its elasticity better.
  • Any geen leaf. Rich in iron and antioxidants, green leaves are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals. Don’t just mix them in salads, though – these low-calorie foods can make for excellent smoothies, packed with all the great things your body and your skin need to look and feel really great. Same as green tea, leafy greens will feed your skin and help it maintain its brightness and beauty, all naturally
  • Chia seeds. Mix these into your smoothies or oatmeal if you want to fight puffiness and improve your digestion. They taste great and they provide so many benefits it would be a real pity not to include them in your daily diet.
  • Healthy fats. Contrary to the popular belief, fats aren’t evil. It’s all about eating the right kind of fats – like avocado or fatty fish (salmon), for example. These foods will help your skin shine with beauty (not to mention they’ll help your heart, brain, and blood circulation too!).


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