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Bluff Mountain Inn is a great location for your wedding Sevierville, Tennessee and we have all the experience need to make your wedding hosting a success. Another ingredient for a successful wedding is planning properly, and one of the things to be planned is your wedding colors. Wedding selecting colors for your wedding, we’ll suggest that you and your partner make a joint decision about it. The following 2 tips can also help when it comes to wedding colors.

You would want to know the exact colors you will have for your wedding so that you can choose the wedding attire accordingly. You most definitely would not want to find purple dresses for the bridesmaids and then have red flowers in the bouquet. Choose the colors you and your partner like best and then plan the wedding around those colors.

  • Match Colors

You and your partner can decide to choose your favorite colors for use in your wedding, just be sure that they match and look nice when combined. Another great way is to choose a center color and then add others from there. Also, take the bride’s dress into account when choosing.

  • Dresses and Flower Colors

Only when you have chosen the central color theme for your wedding, should you choose the colors for your flowers and your bridesmaid’s dresses. If you are going with a traditional white gown, you can go right ahead. If you are however going for a colored dress, it should also be in line with the color theme for your wedding and not clash. Don’t forget to make sure that it matches with your bridesmaid’s dresses.

Do not forget that your wedding color theme will also affect things like your decorations, your groomsmen’s attire, and even your wedding cake. Avoid overdoing color selections as these could turn out to be distracting. Best of luck!

Have you booked a location for your wedding in Sevierville yet? Bluff Mountain Inn is the best venue for your wedding and has great facilities and services that will help to make your dream wedding come true. We would love to hear from you. Give us a call today!

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A very Happy New Year to you from us here at Bluff Mountain Inn. 2019 was a great year and we’re more than ready to get started on the activities for 2020. We hope to host your wedding here in Tennessee this year but before that, have you selected a date yet? If not, here are 7 tips to guide you when choosing a date for your wedding.

  • How Available Is Your Venue?

One thing that good wedding venues have in common is that they are often booked way in advance. Finding that the venue you want is open on a date that you have already preset is a rarity that you should not bank on. You might have to choose a date based on availability so please prepare your mind for that.

  • The Less Input, The Better

This one is mostly for when you have already set the date. A few inputs from the people that you must have present on your wedding day before you choose the date is important. After you choose the date, however, the less input you get on your choice, the better.

  • Consider the Season

In selecting a wedding date, the season is one thing that you should look at. Selecting a season can help you narrow down dates. There are lots of things to look at when it comes to season, the temperature, the prices for that season. You should also remember that every season has its drawbacks and that there is no magic day that is better than all days of the year.

  • Take into Account the Length of Your Engagement

There are advantages and disadvantages to both short and long engagements. The best option is to pick a wedding timeline that works for you. If you can decide on how long you want your engagement to before, you can then have an idea of the date to set for your wedding.

  • Consider Your Also Engaged Friends and Loved Ones

Who is getting married first and where? As bad as it sounds, this isn’t shallow. You’ll be able to do more planning and arrangements when you consider other’s dates. For example, if you want all your family to fly into your hometown on a particular date, you could all try picking dates together so that it’s one trip and twice the party.

  • If You’re Not Flexible on Dates, Try to Be Flexible Everything Else:

If you have your heart set on a date and you don’t want to let go, then be ready to compromise on other things. We mean things like your vendors because they may not be available for your date and even your venue if it is already booked up.

Bluff Mountain is the best location in Sevierville, Tennessee for your wedding. Don’t just take our word for it however, why not book a tour? Contact us today!


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When it comes to DIY for your wedding, homemade gifts, favors, and more can add a personal touch and can be made and assembled months in advance. However, there are certain aspects of your weddings where we as experienced wedding professionals here at Bluff Mountain Inn would advise that you stick to a professional for.

  • Hair and Makeup

Most women know how to do their hair and makeup quite well, thanks to social media apps like YouTube. For your wedding day, we suggest you book a professional as soon as you have your wedding date. This will ensure that you look your best for photographs and you also deserve to feel pampered on your special day.

  • Flowers

Florals are one of those elements that have to be arranged a day or two before and best left to a professional. You can look around until you find a florist that you resonate with and also use a lot of greenery in place of flowers, but please hire a professional.

  • The Cake

Not only with the baking but also with the transportation on the wedding day. You will have way too many things doing to focus properly as you should when it comes to the baking of the wedding cake and you should not even consider transporting the cake to the venue yourself. Hire a professional baker that you can trust.

  • Food

Just like with the cake, you do not have the time. And catering to a large number of people you’ll be having for your wedding is a whole different thing from the fancy meals you whip up for yourself and close friends occasionally. Hire a caterer!

  • The Music

No dear, your friend with the great playlist cannot handle the entertainment at your wedding. Please hire either a wedding band or a DJ well in advance. They can announce the bridal party as well as other events that need to happen on your wedding timeline.

Are you thinking of having your wedding in Sevierville, Tennessee? Why not hold it with us at Bluff Mountain Inn? We’re a hidden gem in the Great Smoky Mountains designed to be a casually elegant destination- wedding venue. We’re looking forward to hearing from you. Contact us today!

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Well, winter is here and while being a great location for your wedding and other services, we also care about you as a person here at Bluff Mountain Inn. When winter comes along, the dropping temperatures sometimes come with a drop in excitement and happiness for people. You’ll see gloomy faces and seasonal depression comes to play. We here at Bluff Mountain Inn think that winter is a season to be enjoyed and not endured so here as some tips from us on how to cherish the winter, chase the grinch out of your feelings and get you off the “Oh no it’s winter” bandwagon.

  • Go Outside

Stop sitting inside to dream about the things you could do out in the summer sun. There are great things that you can do outside during the winter too. The key is to ignore the chills in your fingers and go ice skating, gliding or hiking on a snowshoe trail. Just bundle up in a snow jacket and brave the cold mountain air. You’ll feel surprisingly energized afterward.

  • Reconnect with Family and Friends

There are going to be times when it’s impossible to leave the house. That is the prime time to bond with family and friends inside. Bundle up and have a movie marathon, share cookies, and hot chocolate, and also play board games like monopoly or scrabble.

  • Get Cozy

Light candles and cuddle up at the fireplace with a good book to keep you company. There is nothing like winter to help you appreciate the beauty of a moment like that. The best parts of winter remind us to unwind and destress. Enjoy that.

  • Cherish the Winter Beauty

While some states have a green winter, we are lucky to experience winter at its finest here in Tennessee. Capitalize on that. Enjoy the first snowfall and changes to the landscape that come with the winter.

Are you or do you know anyone planning to have their wedding in Sevierville Tennessee? Why not try us at Bluff Mountain Inn? We’re a hidden gem in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains and our location is elegant and just right for your wedding. We’d be happy to hear from you. Give us a call today!

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One thing that many couples do is add personalized details to their wedding to celebrate their uniqueness. They usually use things like their favorite foods, things that remind them of their hometown and even monograms.

In recent years, we at Bluff Mountain Inn have noticed a rising inclusion of artistic elements in weddings happening in Tennessee. From subtle paintbrush stroke details gracing invitations and paper goods to couples who emblazon their table cards with calligraphy and watercolor designs. Some weddings even have an actual artist is on-site to capture the true emotion of the day on canvas. Whichever one is chosen, utilizing artsy details is an especially striking way to add a special flair to wedding décor. So, how then does one have an artistic wedding?

  • Intentionally

Artistic weddings are different from other kinds of weddings. Everything must be carefully thought out. Your planning must be meticulous and everything has to be beautifully and creatively assembled. Your location also has to be stylish with impressive architecture just like we have at Bluff Mountain Inn. When it comes to your wedding, just picture a well thought out piece of art.

  • Simple and Organic

Your décor for your artistic wedding has to be sophisticated but simple. Rather than outrageous/flashy designs and colors, go for more natural pastel colors and components. Involve lots of plants, foliage and natural surfaces like stone, brick, and marble.

  • Romantic

Artistic weddings are romantic weddings. The feel of your artistic wedding should be romantic so go for soft colors, music, lighting and natural colors. Also, go for feminine flowers and flowing fashion.

  • Fashion

When it comes to artistic weddings, we’ve already mentioned flowing fashion. Artistic, high fashion should be the theme of the day.

  • Photography

The pictures and videos from your wedding should be soft, elegant and dreamy. We’re thinking gorgeous pictures that look like they’re from a storybook as opposed to super contrasted and over vibrant modern photos.

Bluff Mountain Inn is not only the best location to have your wedding in Tennessee, we’re great at artistic weddings too. We work closely with all the service providers for your wedding and our wedding planning and photography teams are experienced and top-notch too. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today!

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