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As you definitely know it, your wedding food is really, really important if you want your guests to feel excellent during the Big Day. However, what happens when you’re on a tighter budget and cannot afford to spend a small fortune on catering? What are the best ways to have excellent food on the tables, keep your spending within limits, and make sure all guests are happy?

Here are some tips you might want to consider:

  • Skip the champagne. Of course, this may be the number one choice for a lot of couples – but truth be told, it can be severely overpriced. If you still want some bubbly for your toasts, you can replace the champagne with delicious sparkling wines (they taste amazing, and there’s a wide variety of them in the highest quality).
  • Don’t skip the hors d’oeuvres. You may think you’re saving money this way, but in reality, not serving the hors d’oeuvres during the Cocktail Hour will only make your guests hungrier during the reception (and thus, you will have to invest more in the main meal). Split your budget between delicious snacks and an amazing main meal and your guests will be more than happy!
  • Don’t offer too many options. You’re not enriching your guests’ experience this way – you’re only making their choice more difficult. Offering less options for the main meal will help you save money and still keep your guests happy with everything that’s served.


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With all the wedding cake trends coming and going out of the spotlight, you might be tempted to think classic white cakes are completely out of fashion. That’s not true, though – especially when you choose to accessorize your white cake with new and unique elements.

What are some of the most beautiful white wedding cake options you can definitely opt for even in 2018? We have some ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Lavish, ornate. Planning a very elegant, feminine wedding? Look for a cake designer who can pull off flawlessly opulent white-on-white cake decorations, such as a combination of pearl, lace, and stripped patterns. We guarantee guests will be more than pleasantly surprised to see such a true work of art!
  • Silky, modern. Opt for a smaller tiered cake covered in silky white icing and minimally decorated with pretty flowers. This kind of cake looks fantastic on a statement plate, so don’t be afraid to go over the top with a tall, golden cake display. It will all look so Roaring Twenties-like!
  • Square, unconventional. Just because your cake is all-white, it doesn’t mean it has to be fully traditional. A square tiered cake decorated with fresh citrus fruit and/or greenery will definitely look like a pleasant surprise for your guests!
  • Naked, white. A white cake with naked touches will bring your cake into the perfect rustic-chic area. Ideal not only for country weddings, but for pretty much any other type of casual wedding, this cake will steal your guests’ hearts as soon as they see it!


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Your super-ladies deserve everything great in the world – they are not only your best friends and closest relatives, but they are also the amazing women who have taken their time to help you plan the Big Day. They are the ones who will stand by your side as you spell out the two most beautiful words of all: I Do.

How to show these ladies your appreciation? We have some lovely gift ideas for your bridesmaids – so read on if you are looking for inspiration.

  • Customized bottles of champagne. Your ladies will love the idea of enjoying a glass of champagne when getting ready with you – so why not pamper them with something really unique, such as an expensive bottle of champagne personalized (with a cute message, their names, etc.). They will definitely want to keep the bottle!
  • What woman doesn’t love a beautiful piece of jewelry? Offer your bridesmaids a huge thank you in the shape of a personalized necklace, rhinestone choker necklace, or bangle with a heartfelt message inscribed on the back. Don’t forget to keep your bridesmaids’ dresses in mind too – they might want to wear your gift for the Big Day!
  • Gift boxes. Pamper your bridesmaids with high-end skin care, body lotion, lip balm and beauty products – all gathered in a personalized box worth of a thousand pictures on Instagram. They simply cannot resist this kind of gift, that’s something we can guarantee!

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There’s nothing like fur to make a lady feel really fabulous and glamorous – especially on a day as special as her wedding. What happens when you are the kind of woman who dislikes cruelty and would do anything not to promote it in any way?

Well, quality faux fur can look equally stunning – and yes, you can totally wear it on your wedding day. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate lush faux fur into your winter wedding look:

  • A short faux fur jacket. Want to get a bit of coverage, stay warm, and still be fantastic as you walk down the aisle? Consider a short faux fur jacket – it will go amazingly well with a lot of types of dresses and it will definitely add a glamorous touch. Just what you need for your winter wedding!
  • A faux fur wrap. White or colored, a faux fur wrap will look timelessly elegant and opulent – just perfect for a bride who wants to make a real fashion statement as she walks down the aisle. Match it with a long, flowy dress for an effect that’s bound to wow each and every single one of your guests!
  • A white capelet. Looking for a sweet faux fur accessory that’s really trendy? Capelets have gained a lot of popularity this cold season, especially for brides! Coordinate yours with a white wedding dress, or if you want, a blush or nude-colored dress – the contrast will look absolutely stunning!


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Wedding dress trends come and go – what will always stick to your memory, though, is the way you felt on your Big Day, walking down the aisle, filled with emotion and nervousness.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least take a look at wedding trends – if not for anything else, than just for the sake of the inspiration they provide.

In 2017, wedding gowns were absolutely stunning – and our guess is that the most popular wedding dresses of the year will also make a huge leap into 2018 as well. What were they and how did they look like? Read on and find out more.

  • Short sleeves, lace and veil. This was the number one choice for brides who wanted to look feminine and sweet – and oh, how well-picked this gown was! Since lace will never go out of fashion, you can rely on this 2017 wedding dress trend to be still very popular at least a few months into 2018 as well – so if you see yourself wearing such a piece, you should definitely add it to your list of options!
  • Bare back, lace, and trumpet-cut. We all know trumpet wedding gowns are absolutely perfect for brides who really want to show off their curves. When combined with a bare back and a lot of lace, this type of dress can turn into a splendid masterpiece that will make you feel like a true, modern princess torn out of fairy tales!
  • A-line, deep V-neck and just a tad of veil and lace. Looking for a flowy dress that will make you feel stunning at your garden wedding? In 2017, this type of gown was very popular with brides – so why not steal the idea for your 2018 spring wedding as well?


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