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Everyone loves Ed Sheeran for the natural way he takes over the stages, for the sweet melody of his songs and for the deep, meaningful lyrics he always brings forward in his work. Did you know he’s definitely off the market starting with the beginning of 2018?

Yes, Ed Sheeran is engaged – and we have some of the most important things you should know about this celebrity love story. Read on and find out more!

  • The lucky girl is Ed Sheeran’s childhood sweetheart – which truly melts the hearts of everyone, precisely because it adds a very special layer of sweetness over their entire love story.
  • It’s not certain when the proposal was made, but the announcement was made at the beginning of 2018 – and no, nobody knows the wedding date just yet.
  • Rumors say Ed Sheeran plans on building a small 28-person chapel in his own backyard, so there’s a pretty big chance the couple will choose to stay intimate and far from the public eye, just as they’ve done throughout their entire relationship. Isn’t that absolutely adorable?
  • Some say the couple already got married, but that has been since confirmed to be untrue. The reason this rumor started to catch fire is related to the ring people have noticed on Ed Sheeran’s third finger (on the left hand). However, he has since confirmed that the ring he’s wearing is an engagement ring (yes, you read that right!), proving, once again, that he truly is an incurable romantic!


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It doesn’t matter if you plan on having an actual Southern Wedding or if you just want to inspire yourself from this type of weddings – food will always be a very important element to consider.

What are some of the most delicious Southern Wedding-inspired food ideas you could “steal” for your wedding day too? We have some suggestions for you – so read on and find out more.

  • A DIY biscuit food station. Want to offer great food and entertainment to your guests? Food stations are really fun – and everyone loves them. So why not plan a biscuit food station where your guests can customize their biscuits with the best of the Southern toppings and fillings? They will definitely love creating their own perfect snack!
  • BBQ sliders. Who doesn’t love a well-made pulled pork sandwich? We bet your guests will line up to grab a piece of this more than they would do with any kind of “fancy food” – precisely because this is the kind of comfort food that’s simply irresistible.
  • Mini pies. Filled with bananas or raspberry, pumpkin or classic apples, pies will always be a favorite for everyone. Provide guests with a variety of mini pies and they are guaranteed to love the idea.
  • Mini fried chicken and waffles. Looking for a typical Southern food, served in an adorably wedding-style way? Offer guests mini waffles topped with mini pieces of fried chicken – they just can’t say no to this Southern evergreen everyone loves.


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Regardless of what wedding theme you may have chosen, a vintage hairstyle will flatter you and add a lot of grace and femininity to your entire look. What are some of the prettiest hairstyles inspired by the history of fashion, though? We have some ideas for you – continue reading if you want to surprise your guests with a fabulous vintage hairstyle:

  • Braided chignon and luxury hair accessory. Chignons are absolutely timeless – but if you want to add a Victorian touch to your bridal look, pull your hair in a braided chignon and wear this with a delicate, luxurious hair accessory. We guarantee you will WOW all of your guests as soon as you step down the aisle!
  • Birdcage veils. Want to add mystery, beauty, and sophistication to your simple wedding hairstyle? A birdcage veil can do this for you – and it can do it regardless of how long or short your hair can be. A simple, but oh-so-stunning option for brides who want to truly stand out from the crowd!
  • Forehead headband. Want to create a look inspired by the heroines of Great Gatsby? A forehead headband is a very inspired choice for just about any hair length and style. For instance, it will look absolutely stunning with lush curls, but it can look really, really pretty with short, straight hair as well. If you can find an elegantly decorated headband that includes pearls and/or crystals, you will truly feel as if you have just walked out of the Roaring Twenties!


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From the dress you wear to the cake you serve at your wedding, all details will make a huge difference. Of course, your best friends are really, really important in the entire ensemble of the Big Day – but how do you make sure you choose a beautiful hairstyle for them?

We have some tips to inspire you in this decision – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • Beautiful curls. Let’s be completely honest here: nothing beats curly hair when it comes to femininity. Simple to make and very beautiful, this style can be adapted to multiple types of weddings, locations and, well, bridesmaids. From lush big curls to loose curls in a half-up half-down hairstyle, there’s a myriad of variations that can be easily pulled off.
  • Low chignon. Another hairstyle easy to create, the low chignon inspires elegance and grace. Feminine and timeless at the same time, this style can be adorned with flowers and precious pieces for a special effect – or it can be left as simple as that and it will still look really, really elegant.
  • Braided styles. In general, braided bridesmaids hairstyles are best for casual weddings (e.g. rustic chic weddings, garden parties, and so on). However, they can be really pulled off in most circumstances. A braided headband is a simple and feminine choice, a fishtail braid will add just a dash of sophistication into the mix and a ballerina bun circled by a braid can be the perfect mix between “elegant” and “casual”.


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Some of you may be tempted to believe you have to grow your hair super-long to be able to create a special hairstyle for the Big Day. However, that is not the case. Sure, you can choose to grow out your hair – but there are a lot of splendid short hair styles that look fantastically elegant and feminine too!

We have gathered some of the most beautiful ones right below – so if you are looking for inspiration, be sure to read on and find out more.

  • Leave it down and wild. A wavy style will suit you like a glove, especially if you want a rustic chic or shabby chic wedding! Your hair will beautifully contour your face and the beach (or just plain and simply loose) waves will add a lot of femininity and sweetness to your entire look. This style works with every hair length – including short pixie and bob cuts!
  • Pull it up in a pretty updo. Yes, that is totally doable for short hair as well! It may take a bit more attention to detail and patience, but everything can be done – from timeless chignons to dainty and playful braided updos!
  • Put an accessory on it. A delicate flower crown will instantly lift your short hair do and it will make it look absolutely stunning. A dainty little pin will make you feel more elegant than ever. And a crystal (or any other precious gemstone) hairband will add sophistication and luxuriousness to your entire look!


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