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Could there ever be something to say “fall more than apples (and, well, fallen leaves)?

Probably not. Apples are the quintessentially seasonal fruit – the kind of treat you grab on to throughout the entire cool season for a myriad of reasons. The colors, the flavor, the very essence of an apple is right there, embedded well within our culture, as the kind of element that should never miss when painting a full picture of fall.

Everyone loves apples – but have you ever considered including them in your wedding (other than in apple pies)?

We have some tips for you – read on and find out more.

  • Apple garlands and flower arrangements. Add richness and a touch of fall to your floral arrangements by including apples in it. Although these fruits might seem pretty large for a floral piece of décor, they can still be incorporated in amazing ways. The essence here lies in choosing the right colors for your apples – the colors that complement the florals and the greenery around them.
  • Escort cards. This is such a wonderful idea, especially if you don’t use paint or a marker on the actual apple! That can be done and it will look amazing if you write your guests’ names in gold on a red apple, for instance, but you can also pin the escort card in the apple and give the fruit to your guests as a treat (or as a wedding favor). If you choose to do this, be sure to offer really flavorful apples!
  • Who doesn’t love treating themselves to a deliciously sweet candied apple? Regardless of whether you go for the candied (red) version or for a more natural one (apples dipped in caramel), you can rest assured that candied apples with be a huge success for your Big Day.
  • Apple wall. Statement walls have been really popular in 2018 – and if you want one for your wedding too, you should definitely consider a shelf full of apples! You can invite your guests to grab a fruit as a snack or as a wedding favor, and the arrangement itself will definitely make the wedding feel absolutely stunning!


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There’s nothing more emotionally draining and beautiful at the same time, other than a wedding. Of course, most of the times, it feels that the bride is the only one taking center stage during the Big Day – but that doesn’t mean you, as a groom, aren’t excited and anxious about the upcoming event too!

In fact, we know you are very excited and nervous about what’s to come. And we know you want to make sure you do all the right things to make sure this is a special moment for you and for your bride too.

What are some of the things you should do on the morning of your wedding as the groom? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Eat something. It doesn’t have to be much if you’re too nervous for a proper breakfast. But it does have to be something nutritious. This is going to be a long and demanding day, so it’s really important to fuel your body with all the right nutrients to make sure you’re not running out of energy. There won’t be much time for eating for the bride and groom during the actual wedding, so grab something on the morning of the Big Day!
  • Lay back for a little. Gather your groomsmen and spend some quality time with them. Have a drink of something you genuinely enjoy (but keep it to one drink because you really don’t want to be tipsy during the wedding). Shoot some fun photos and create some amazing memories with your friends.
  • Check your attire. No matter what attire you have chosen for your wedding, be sure you triple check it before you leave home. You want to make sure everything about it is perfect, and that there are no stains or running seams.
  • Do something nice for your future bride. For instance, you could send her a love letter to open as she is getting ready or to open at your One Year anniversary. Also, you could send her a mixed tape (well, more like Spotify playlist), or a gift you know she will actually appreciate in these moments of emotion and anxiety.


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Fact: weddings are among the most stressful events human beings go through. Of course, the main people who will be stressed about everything will be none else than the bride and the groom.

However, that doesn’t mean weddings aren’t stressful for other people in the close proximity of the bride and groom.

Take your Maid of Honor, for example. She’s only human, so anxiety and stress are bound to take over her sooner or later too. What happens when that makes the two of you come in conflict, though?

We have some tips for you – continue reading and learn more about this.

  • Communication, communication, communication. This is the absolute golden key to any successful relationship – be it a love relationship, friendship, or business partnership. Sit down with your Maid of Honor and talk about things. What is it that’s bothering her, really? Is it something related to the wedding? The dress she will wear? The other bridesmaids or important participants in the wedding? Or is it something external – something that’s bothering her outside of the entire wedding planning?
  • Understand why she is upset. Knowing she doesn’t like her dress is one thing – learning that she doesn’t like it because she’s always told you she looks awful in pink goes deeper than that. Understand WHY your Maid of Honor is so upset and why it is that this issue is affecting her so much.
  • Be the best friend. This is not a moment to be a “bride”, because it could actually make things worse for your relationship with your Maid of Honor. Be a friend, instead. Offer advice, offer yourself to help (and even more so if the issue your MoH has is related to something external). Be a genuinely good friend and discuss these matters with your Maid of Honor to help her eliminate the source of stress and anxiety. If it’s something connected to the wedding and you don’t want to change it, nicely explain that it’s something you really care about – your friend will definitely understand.


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Fall weddings can be absolutely stunning from so many points of view! The warmth of the colors outside, the coziness, and even the lower prices – these are just SOME of the advantages of having a fall wedding.

One of the biggest advantages?

The fact that you get to play around with quintessentially fall elements like pumpkins and create a truly unique event – the kind of wedding people will never forget.

How to include pumpkins in your wedding décor this fall? We have some suggestions and ideas for you – keep on reading to learn more.

  • The dessert. This is one of the most common places pumpkins can be found at a fall wedding. Most of the times, it happens in the actual desserts (because let’s face it: who doesn’t love pumpkin pie?). However, that doesn’t mean you should limit yourself. A few natural colored or even spray painted pumpkins here and here will automatically lift up your wedding dessert table décor and make it more fall-worthy.
  • The ceremony. You may think a romantic moment like this is not compatible with pumpkins. However, painted in white (or just left natural) and combined with really lush flower arrangements, pumpkins can become a precious piece of décor that will make your wedding ceremony feel more special and unforgettable.
  • The reception. Wouldn’t you absolutely love to use pumpkins instead of flower vases? Or how about just creating arrangements that include pumpkins, seasonal flowers and seasonal foliage? Regardless of what you choose, you will definitely find some pretty amazing and unique ways of bringing pumpkins into your wedding reception décor.
  • The stationery. Wedding invitations stylized with pumpkins can look really pretty. Likewise, mini pumpkins can be used as props for different wedding photos, and they can be used as place card holders too. And if you want to surprise everyone with a really special piece of décor, why not paint a couple of large pumpkins and write your special message on them? “Mr.” on one pumpkin and “Mrs.” on the other one will look so nice!


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Creating a guest list for your wedding can be a daunting and stressful task – especially when budget is one of your primary concerns and you want to make sure you are surrounded by all those whom you love on your wedding day.

However, there are times when cutting the guest list is absolutely crucial – and when it comes down to that, you need to know who to leave out of the list.

What are some of the categories of people you might want to leave out of the invitations? We have some tips for you – continue reading to find out more.

  • People you just don’t like. It doesn’t matter who’s insisting on you inviting them to your wedding and it doesn’t even matter the nature of the external or internal pressure you’re feeling with regards to inviting them to your wedding. If you don’t like someone, you shouldn’t feel obliged to invite them at your wedding.
  • People who would cause any kind of scene (start a fight, bring drama into your wedding day, etc.). You need to be surrounded by positivity at your wedding – because, after all, this is your wedding day and the last thing you need is a scandal or people who will draw negative attention on them. This day will be quite stressful as it is – you don’t need extra-stress generated by guests who aren’t in a good mood.
  • People at work. You CAN and should invite co-workers to your wedding if you actually get along with them outside of the working hours too. However, you should not feel obliged to invite co-workers you’re not friends with.
  • People you used to date. No matter how amazingly well you get along with your exes, you shouldn’t invite them to your wedding. Yes, even your future spouse may be OK with it, but the truth is that there will be awkwardness and that inviting an ex to your wedding will inevitably make you feel odd in one way or another. It’s probably best to leave them out of the guest list.


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