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Once the Big Day is over, it’s time for you and your SO to go on your honeymoon and relax. After so much stress with the wedding planning, you DO deserve to have some fun – but before you leave in a hurry, be sure you have packed everything you need for your trip.

What are the absolute essentials you should DEFINITELY not forget at home? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Your documents. We cannot emphasize the importance of this: do NOT, under any circumstances, leave your documents at home. Your passport, medical documents, driver’s license/ ID – these are absolute basics you should take with you whenever you travel. Also, it is recommended that you buy travel insurance before you leave as well – it can really save you from a lot of unplanned, unpleasant situations.
  • A second credit card. Sometimes, even if your credit card is loaded with money, it can still be denied for payments – and that’s just really the last thing you want when you are thousands of miles away from home, trying to enjoy the most romantic vacation of your life. Be sure to take another credit card with you as well!
  • If you have to follow any kind of treatment, remind yourself to pack it for the honeymoon. Also, we’d recommend that you pack basic meds as well – some Advils, some pills for gastro-intestinal issues, some flu/cold medicine, and so on. These may not seem like much, but they can really help you prevent and quickly treat mild afflictions while you’re away from home.
  • There is a very big chance that you are going on honeymoon somewhere with plenty of sunlight (it may be Italy, it may be an exotic beach, or it may be a life-changing hike in Peru). If you go anywhere sunny, remember to pack sunscreen – it is so, so important, and not just for your looks, but also for your health. Do not forget this at home!


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For many of you, wedding etiquette is there just to make things more confusing (especially in this day and age, when old rules go out of the “textbook” on a daily basis).

However, the Sevierville wedding etiquette rules that have survived the decades are still there for a very good reason: they are important. They are essential when you want to make sure none of your guests is offended in any way.

How about engagement party etiquette, though? What are the most important rules engagement parties need to follow?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Your engagement party should happen about six to eight weeks after the actual proposal. This gives you enough time to verbally announce your closest friends and relatives, as well as plan the actual party (because, yes, there is quite some planning to go into this and you might even consider it “training” for the planning of the wedding itself).
  • Your engagement party guest list can be as large or small as you feel comfortable with. Generally, though, engagement parties are quite intimate (and they’re definitely smaller than weddings). At the same time, it is important to keep one rule in mind: if you invite someone to the engagement party, you absolutely HAVE TO invite them to your wedding as well. No exceptions.
  • No gifts are expected for this pre-wedding event. Even so, some of your guests may want to bring a small attention. This is why it’s usually a good idea to have your wedding registry ready by the time you actually throw your engagement party.
  • Likewise, toasts aren’t expected at the engagement party. Still, there might be a couple of guests who will want to say a few words with this occasion. That’s totally OK. However, if you know someone could get wordsy or downright cheeky with their toast after a couple of drinks, be sure to politely remind them before the event that you don’t want any inappropriate jokes to be said during the party. They will understand.


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Planning the most amazing wedding is something you’ve probably dreamed of ever since you were a little girl and learned what weddings are. Now that you are finally face to face with your dream-about-to-come-true, though, you might feel there’s just too much confusion over the things you should (and shouldn’t) do.

What are the absolute essentials that make for perfect wedding receptions in Sevierville? We have 4 crucial tips for you right below – so read on and find out more.

  • You may be tempted to skip this step – because you KNOW what you want and when you want it during the reception. However, putting it down on paper will give you clarity and it will help you organize things properly. Even more, it will help you share a clear timeline with your wedding vendors, so that they can coordinate with it.
  • Allowing guests to take whichever seat they want is a trending idea right now – but if you want to be absolutely certain they’ll end up near someone they actually like, DO take the time and create a seating chart. The rules are pretty simple: bring together people who know each other (or at least who are compatible with each other) and keep apart people who are likely to not get along (e.g. people who used to date, for example).
  • Make sure there’s enough space for everyone to move around and feel comfortable – and not just on the dance floor. Generally speaking, you should allow about 10-15 square feet/ person invited at the wedding, so keep that in mind when choosing the wedding venue.
  • Since we were on the topic: take your time and choose a wedding venue that suits you from all points of view. These days, there’s something for just about every type of couple out there, so you can really find a venue that reflects your style, your personality, and your general likes and dislikes. Of course, décor will help a lot – but you still need a good canvas to “paint” your wedding day on!


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We want to be super straightforward about this: wedding planning will never be actually easy, especially when you want to do everything on your own. However, some things can make your life easier as you plan one of the most amazing events you will ever host.

Following, we have gathered some of the absolute essentials that are frequently forgotten when planning a wedding – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • You don’t have to jump right into wedding planning from Day One. You have just gotten engaged, take your time to savor this moment and really seize every single inch of beauty surrounding you and embracing you and your emotions. There will be plenty of time for wedding planning, so spend your first days of engagement celebrating with your loved ones before you jump right into the budgets, wedding venue search, and color scheme options.
  • Going the DIY route is not always the best idea. You can do it with a couple of details that can actually make a difference – but other than that, you might want to hire the pros and actually buy the décor. Remember, your guests will spend about four hours at your wedding reception, so they might not notice how much work you’ve put into all the small details if you go the DIY route.
  • When it comes to wedding stationery, expect to pay about 5-10 % of your wedding budget on this. The more customized you want your stationery to be, the more expensive it will be. For example, letterpress, engravings, and other similar services will almost always end up costing you more.
  • Beyond anything else, your wedding cake should TASTE amazing. So our advice for you is to prioritize the taste of the cake, rather than the looks (which can be adjusted in a million ways if you find a pastry chef that can deliver an absolutely delicious cake). Focus on finding the best cake chef in the Gatlinburg area and then talk to them about the cake décor options.


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Summer weddings are very, very popular – and for a large number of reasons. The high likelihood of sunshine, the abundance of flowers, the possibility to create a unique wedding menu based on actually fresh produce – there’s a very long list of things that will make you fall in love with the idea of a summer wedding.

What are some of the most important tips to keep in mind when doing this? We’ve gathered the top crucial summer wedding planning tips for you – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • The heat will absolutely ruin everything. It really doesn’t have to be so and there are solutions for every single heat-related problem. For example, your cake doesn’t have to sit out in high temperature (you can get a “dummy” cake for the display and serve people sheet cake from the kitchen when the time comes).
  • You can definitely wear long sleeves if that’s what you’re attracted to. Long sleeves are incredibly elegant and trendy right now, so it’s understandable if you’d like a dress that incorporates them. For a summer wedding you can opt for organza long sleeves, lace sleeves, and so on – they will not keep you too warm, but still offer you that sophisticated touch of a long-sleeved dress.
  • You don’t HAVE TO choose a super-summer-y color palette. You can pretty much choose whatever color scheme you want – even one that’s based on the eternally elegant black. It’s all about the way you incorporate this into your entire wedding décor and how you make it work with the landscape and wedding venue.
  • Last, but definitely not least, it doesn’t HAVE TO be all flowers and greenery. Sure, they are gorgeous, and greenery is a relatively inexpensive way of bringing energy into your wedding décor. But if you want something different, there are plenty of options for you. For instance, you could use books as wedding centerpieces, or a small vintage luggage on every table (if you’re a travel aficionado couple, for example). The only limit you have is your own imagination!


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