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If you are like most brides out there, you dream of a wedding that is unique from every single point of view – an event that will surprise your guests and stick to their memories for the years to come.

Of course, it all starts with choosing a special wedding theme – and geode-inspired weddings are a very popular choice right now.

How to create a geode inspired wedding? We have some ideas for you – so keep on reading if you want to find your inspiration.

  • The stationery. Geode-inspired stationery is much easier to pull off than it may appear. Basically, you just have to decide on a specific geode pattern and colors, and use that as the background for your wedding invitations, as well as the day-of stationery. Of course, you should also make sure to pick a font that works with all of this (and doesn’t make it look too “crowded”).
  • The ceremony backdrop. Why not adorn your ceremony backdrop (or simply the backdrop of your sweethearts table at the reception) with a geode-inspired sign? Aside from the actual design, you could also make use of a cute pun – such as “You are my rock”. This is guaranteed to make people smile when they see it!
  • The table décor. You can, of course, use actual geodes to decorate the table. But why not make them even more interesting by painting the table numbers on them? This is a low-key, elegant, and beautiful way of adding personality to your entire table décor and coordinating everything into the big theme of your Big Day.
  • The centerpieces. Another great way to incorporate the geode motif into your wedding table décor is by using geode inspired book holders for your book-based centerpieces. This idea is perfect for couples who like to read and who would like to bring their favorite books into the décor of their wedding day, as part of their own story. A pair of geode bookends can instantly uplift this type of centerpiece, make it look more elegant, more interesting, and more in tune with the actual wedding theme.

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Wedding trends can be a very confusing matter, especially when you are just starting out with your wedding planning and when you haven’t been following everything that’s in and out for the last few years.

Of course, you are definitely encouraged to create a wedding that mirrors you more than any kind of trend (be it in or out) – but knowing more about the wedding trends that are passé in 2019 will help you create an event that feels fresher and more unique for your guests.

What are some of the wedding trends that are off in 2019? We have some tips for you – keep reading if you would like to find out more.

  • Bridesmaids that are completely matched – or even just slightly mismatched. OK, you can dress your bridesmaids as you please (or as they please for that matter). But try to stay away from dresses that make your bridesmaids look as if they are one and the same person, in different versions. This year’s all about eclectic colors and eclectic bridesmaids’ looks – so don’t be afraid to be daring and unconventional!
  • Naked cakes. This even hurts to say, but naked cakes might make a slow exit in 2019. They will continue to be popular throughout the year, but we’re expecting less and less of them around. They might still be a great option for a rustic wedding, but if you want to surprise your guests, you might want to think of something different.
  • Anything “too much”. Meghan Markle showed that elegance comes in small bottles. From her hair and makeup to her bouquet and dress, everything about her look was simple, beautiful, and timeless. This trend will expand into 2019 on all the major wedding playgrounds: fashion, flowers, décor, and so on. Go simple if you want to WOW your guests!
  • After parties. This might feel sad, but it is great news for brides and grooms who simply want to spend what is left of their wedding day together, with nobody else following in on their footsteps. Don’t plan an after party if you don’t want to – there’s truly no rule in the “book” to say that you have to do it!

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The famous bouquet toss is one of the oldest wedding traditions in the book – and, as it seems, it is one of the most likely to withstand the wave of changes the wedding world has been going through for the last decade or so.

Of course, a lot of couples have the bouquet toss at their wedding – but do you really have to do it too?

We have some tips for you – keep reading to find out more.

  • In general, it is considered that the bouquet toss is very popular among brides and grooms – but in reality, only about 50% of the couples choose to include this moment in their wedding. There are many reasons to do it – and many reasons that make people not want to do it as well.
  • The bouquet toss can be a very fun moment and it can make the entire wedding more memorable. However, it is perfectly understandable if you don’t want to include this moment in your wedding. For example, you may simply not like it – and that’s perfectly OK.
  • You may also have just a few unmarried ladies invited to your wedding – and under these circumstances, having a bouquet toss moment might make them feel like they’re in the spotlight and it might make them feel a little awkward. Again, it’s perfectly OK to skip the bouquet toss altogether.
  • Another reason not to have the bouquet toss is related to its origins. When the tradition was just starting out, people considered brides to be very lucky, and they wanted to “steal” a piece of their good luck. Thus, they would tear flowers off their attires, bouquets, and sometimes, they would even tear pieces of her dress to bring them good fortune.
  • If you don’t want to have a traditional bouquet toss at your wedding, you might also want to consider altering it a little. For instance, you could offer your bouquet to the couple who’s been together the longest (e.g. your grandparents). This is a wonderful way to honor them and their love story (and to show the world that you want to experience the same level of happiness in your marriage as they are).

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Everyone makes resolutions at the beginning of a new year. Some vow to work out more, others vow to read more, and others want to make their dreams come true as they enter a new year.

Everyone has their own resolutions – and, as a bride-to-be, you want to make sure you include some wedding-related resolutions on your list as well.

What are some of the changes you should implement in your life as a future bride?

We have gathered them right below – so read on and find out more.

  • Communicate and compromise. Wedding planning can be stressful as it is – but when you cannot effectively communicate with your partner and if you cannot make compromises, this whole planning phase can become incrementally more stressful. Learn to talk to your fiancé about your wedding-related issues, and more importantly, learn to let go and accept compromise solutions when necessary. Looking back, you won’t even care that much about 90% of the wedding details you now deem absolutely necessary – but you will care about fights and stress and unhappy memories.
  • Be wise from a financial point of view – and be so together. Your budget is far more important than the color of the napkins or those off-season blooms you think you want so much (but which will not actually influence the Big Day in any way). Learn to stick to your budget – because once the Big Day is over, you will enter married life and you don’t want debt to hang over your heads as you make this hugely important step.
  • Remember why you are doing this. You are planning a wedding because you want to commit to each other. Because you want to spend the rest of your lives together. Because you want to create a family and to be a unity from a social and legal point of view. Because you want to throw a big party to celebrate your love story and enter married life with a huge smile on your faces and unforgettable memories in your mind. It can be very easy to lose your focus among all the sparkly things of the wedding world – but once you regain it, you will see things clearer and stress and anxiety will fade away too.

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Most brides want to carry down the aisle a bouquet that represents them and what they genuinely believe in – and that’s perfectly understandable. A bridal bouquet is more than just an accessory to keep your hands busy (although it can definitely play this role as well, given how nervous you will be as you walk down the aisle).

A bridal bouquet is the accessory that complements your most important dress, it is a piece that shows off your personality, it is a touch of grace and beauty to mirror who you are and what your hopes for the future are.

It is no wonder, then, that roses are one of the most popular bloom for bridal bouquets. Romantic and sweet, these flowers seem to have been made for weddings – and they come in so many wonderful combinations that it’s impossible not to find a rose bouquet that will suit you!

Following, we have gathered some of the very best and most inspiring bridal bouquet ideas based on roses – so read on if you are looking for something special.

  • White and delicate. There’s nothing as timeless as a white bridal bouquet – so if you want to take the very traditional path, this is for you. White roses, combined with ball dahlias and maybe even ranunculus can look so amazingly pretty when brought together! Pure grace and uniqueness at the same time!
  • Blushing and romantic. If you don’t want the classic red rose bouquet, there are other ways to bring in that romantic touch. For instance, you could talk to your florist and ask them to combine spray roses with jasmine vines, scabiosa, and a few berries – the bouquet will look wildly beautiful and full of passion and love. Just perfect for a bride who loves the strength of red and the uniqueness of a modern twist!
  • Bold and unique. This is another twist on the classic red roses bouquet – one that’s perfect for a bride who wants to make a statement without straying too far away from traditional looks. Combining red roses with another bold colored-flower (such as eryngium) will create a gorgeous effect and make your bouquet really stand out from the crowd.

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