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How to Use Pinterest to Your Advantage as a Bride

With the Internet by your side, you stand a very good chance of planning a fantastic Big Day – the kind your guests will be talking about not only months from now, but years.

Pinterest is a huge element in the ensemble of online tools you can use when planning a wedding. In fact, it is so important that it’s frequently the first place brides go to when they start planning their Big Day.

How to really use Pinterest to your advantage as a bride? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Follow the right boards. There are a lot of people randomly pinning on Pinterest, and things can get very easily confusing and messy if you don’t pay attention to where exactly you click “Follow”. Our advice is to start by researching some famous boards or Pinterest users who are in the bridal industry, and then go on from there.
  • Don’t focus on selecting only the pins that are 100% you. In fact, it is recommended that you pin everything you see and like at first, when you are just starting out your wedding planning process. You’ll have plenty of time later on to sort out and streamline the pins – for now, though, dream up your wedding and let the sky be your only limit!
  • Install the Pinterest button. Doing this will allow you to add anything you find on the Internet to your Pinterest board – including your favorite portfolio examples from your favorite vendors, for example. This way, you are not only bringing new content into Pinterest for yourself, but you’re also helping other brides create their perfect weddings too.
  • When you are finally ready, start streamlining your pins and select only those that are congruent to your overall wedding vision. Some brides like to create multiple boards, one for each element of their wedding (e.g. hair, décor, colors, flowers, and so on). Others, however, like creating just one board and bringing the entire wedding vision in there. Our advice is to go for the latter version because it will allow you to have the bird’s eye view over everything.


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