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How to Plan a Luxurious Engagement Party

Getting engaged is such a magical, amazing moment in your life!

Naturally, you will want to celebrate this together with your closest friends and relatives – but how do you actually plan a luxurious engagement party to set the tone for the Big Day itself?

We have gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Take this as training for your actual wedding planning and follow all the steps you would follow for the planning of the Big Day itself. Start by settling who will host the party. Traditionally, someone in the bride’s family would be charged with this task – but these days, this is not an absolute must. If you and your fiancé want to host the party together, that’s totally fine!
  • Set a budget. “Luxury” doesn’t mean you should spend endlessly. It means that you should set a realistic budget from the very beginning and make sure you stick to it. Discuss with your fiancé and settle on the things you really want to splurge on, as well as the things you can save on.
  • Craft your guest list. You don’t have to invite a lot of people to the engagement party – these are usually quite intimate and small. However, keep in mind that those who are invited to this party MUST be invited to the wedding too!
  • Send invitations. Since this is a luxury event, your invitations should be traditional, on paper. Usually, it’s fine to send electronic invitations for the smaller pre-wedding events, but if you want to keep this classy, you might want to send out traditional invitations. Also, don’t forget to include a dress code too – you don’t want some of your guests to feel underdressed or overdressed in any way.
  • Pick your venue. If you want this to be a luxury engagement party, you should choose a venue that’s actually luxurious. It doesn’t have to be something very large as you will most likely not invite many people – but it should be intimate and it should look really great, down the smallest detail!


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