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How to Include the Leaf Motif in Your Wedding

Summer may be almost over – but that doesn’t mean there aren’t many of you planning for next year’s summer weddings (or even this year’s, if you’re just pulling together the last details).

And what could be more suitable as a motif for a summer wedding, other than green leaves? What could be more energizing or more fit for the lush outdoor greenery?

If you’re looking for ways to incorporate the leaf motif in your wedding décor, be sure to read on and find out more because we’ve gathered some ideas you will definitely love!

  • The bouquet. The easiest way to incorporate lots of leaves in your wedding? Flowers, of course – or better, said, greenery. Talk to your florist and create a bridal bouquet that’s filled with leaves and foliage – it will look so lively and beautiful, so unique and fresh! No matter what season you may have chosen for your wedding, this is always a doable (and great-looking) idea.
  • Table runner. Of course, you could have your florist create a fantastic green table runner with fresh leaves and foliage. But if you want to play around and just add a pop of color, why not choose a fun table runner with leafy patterns? Exotic leaves work best, but there are plenty of other leaf-based patterns that could work just as great.
  • You could also include fresh or painted leaves in your wedding cake (and they will look fantastic with a white wedding cake, regardless of whether it’s a fondant-covered one or a buttercream-iced one!). If you want something even more original, why not wrap your cake stand in fresh leaves? It will make even the simplest wedding cake pop with life and energy!
  • Flower crown. OK, “flower” crown may not be the correct term here – but a greenery crown can be so beautiful! If you are looking for a fresh accessory that works with pretty much any type of boho-chic wedding (and wedding dress), this is IT. You will feel so naturally beautiful, so radiant as you wear this leafy crown!


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