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How To Cherish This Winter

Well, winter is here and while being a great location for your wedding and other services, we also care about you as a person here at Bluff Mountain Inn. When winter comes along, the dropping temperatures sometimes come with a drop in excitement and happiness for people. You’ll see gloomy faces and seasonal depression comes to play. We here at Bluff Mountain Inn think that winter is a season to be enjoyed and not endured so here as some tips from us on how to cherish the winter, chase the grinch out of your feelings and get you off the “Oh no it’s winter” bandwagon.

  • Go Outside

Stop sitting inside to dream about the things you could do out in the summer sun. There are great things that you can do outside during the winter too. The key is to ignore the chills in your fingers and go ice skating, gliding or hiking on a snowshoe trail. Just bundle up in a snow jacket and brave the cold mountain air. You’ll feel surprisingly energized afterward.

  • Reconnect with Family and Friends

There are going to be times when it’s impossible to leave the house. That is the prime time to bond with family and friends inside. Bundle up and have a movie marathon, share cookies, and hot chocolate, and also play board games like monopoly or scrabble.

  • Get Cozy

Light candles and cuddle up at the fireplace with a good book to keep you company. There is nothing like winter to help you appreciate the beauty of a moment like that. The best parts of winter remind us to unwind and destress. Enjoy that.

  • Cherish the Winter Beauty

While some states have a green winter, we are lucky to experience winter at its finest here in Tennessee. Capitalize on that. Enjoy the first snowfall and changes to the landscape that come with the winter.

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