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Everyone Is Bound to LOVE These Alternatives to the Classic Bridal Shower

If you have been tasked with the planning of a bridal shower, you definitely want everything about it to be unforgettable, both for the bride and for the guests too.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to stick to the traditional bridal shower held at home. You can always think of a unique alternative that will be enjoyed by everyone!

What are some of the best bridal shower alternatives?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Pool party. Did someone say summer? There’s truly no other better way to celebrate summer, other than by organizing a pool party. If you know the bride would be in on this, and if you know the guests will love it too, there’s no reason not to plan a pool party for her bridal shower. Everyone will have so much fun!
  • Makeover party. Making a makeover the central entertainment piece of the bridal shower will be so fun for all the ladies! You can actually make everyone feel really pampered by hiring stylists and makeup artists to change your guests’ looks while you all chit-chat, have fun, and the bride opens her gifts.
  • Wine tasting. If your friend is a big wine lover and if you know the other guests would definitely fancy the idea too, wine tasting is a really good way to celebrate. It’s classy, it’s fun, and it’s far more unique than a classic bridal shower – so it has all the ingredients to be a real success among guests.
  • A special class. How about turning this bridal shower into a special class the ladies can learn something from? It can be a painting class, a cooking class, or anything else you know the bride would genuinely enjoy. In between the lessons, she can open the gifts and thank everyone for their wonderful gesture, and then you can all return to having fun color, yarn, or whatever else your main theme may be!

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