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Do You Have to Break the Bank for a Destination Wedding?

Most times when people hear or read about destination weddings, cost is one of the things that they immediately place among the cons. But does a destination wedding really mean huge costs? We don’t think so and here’s why:

First of all, a destination wedding could be a great way to have all the events concerned with your wedding in one location. Your bridal shower, Bachelorette party, wedding ceremony, wedding reception and honeymoon. Most destination wedding locations offer an all-inclusive package that could even include flowers, music and the wedding cake!
This is a great way to avoid all the excessive coordination and phone calls/email reminders you’d have to do for each of those events separately.

You can also save on destination weddings by booking way ahead of time. If your wedding is on short notice however, destination weddings are also a great idea because most locations have everything already in place and also offer free planning. What’s more, a destination wedding can also help with your bogus guest list because you’d be more inclined to invite family and friends most important to you.
So, a recap of all you’ve just cut out of your personal wedding planning: Finding the right location for your bridal shower, a wedding location, a reception venue, a honeymoon location, a caterer, a flower vendor, the nightmarish logistics involved with a bogus guest list, the transportation plans for each of the events involved in your wedding, the accommodation plans you’d have to make if your events were at separate locations and on different days, etc. Like the destination wedding alternative already?

Now to more obvious savings. From airlines to hotels, most locations are always ready to bargain where groups are involved. Airlines are known to give huge discounts on group traveling even though they may not all be from the same location. Some resorts are even known to throw in a free wedding depending on the number of guests that book rooms together!

Don’t forget the aesthetics involved with destination weddings. Crystal blue waters, white sands or breath-taking mountain views depending on where you choose, you can take your time to choose a location you and your spouse love.
So, quality time to kick back and relax with those you cherish, less planning for you to do, huge savings and an amazing location which is sure to look great in all your wedding pictures, we can agree that what you do need, is a destination wedding.
Looking for a great location for your destination wedding in Sevierville? Contact Bluff Mountain Inn for a great location, all-inclusive event planning and once in a lifetime photographic experience.

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