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Did You Know These Bachelorette Party Etiquette Rules?

Planning a bachelorette party is about more than just a girl’s night out. Of course, it’s all about partying and having fun – but since this is part of a pretty “official” series of pre-wedding events, some etiquette has to be considered as well.

What are some of the essential bachelorette party etiquette rules to keep in mind when planning this kind of event, though?

We have some tips for you – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • The bachelorette party typically takes place about two months before the wedding date. However, there are many cases when the bachelorette party is held weeks before the wedding day. In the end, it is up to you – but one thing is for certain: it shouldn’t be too close to the wedding day because it might make the bride feel overwhelmed with the large number of pre-wedding commitments. Likewise, it shouldn’t be too far from the big date, because you need to make sure the excitement of this party will keep everyone on their toes until the actual wedding.
  • Generally, the bachelorette party is planned by the Maid of Honor – but there’s no set rule about this. In fact, anyone in the wedding party or bridal entourage can do it – and even more people can do it.
  • Do ask the future guests how much they can spend on this party. The general rule is that everyone pays for their way into the bachelorette party (and the host will pay for the bride). However, you don’t want people to feel too financially strained – so ask them before planning an entire weekend long trip out of town with the bride.
  • Who should be on the guest list? Well, when it comes to this, it’s better to talk to the guest of honor – the bride, that is. Most of the times, the bridesmaids, the very good friends, sisters, and other close people in the bride’s entourage are included. Also, the bride might want to invite a future sister-in-law as well (but this is something you should actually ask about).

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