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8 Tips to Make Creating Your Wedding Guest List Easy

We’re in the thick of the coronavirus epidemic here in the US and hopefully, with social distancing and other safe practices that have been

What to Do About Your Wedding During This Coronavirus Pandemic Time

As of 19th of March 2020, they were 154 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Tennessee. This makes it clear that this is not an illness to

3 Tips for The Perfect Spring Wedding Ceremony

No one could have foreseen the kind of adverse effect covid-19 would have on the world. Vacations have been canceled; weddings have been

5 People You’ll Need at Your Wedding

Every eventful wedding has people to thank for its success, skilled people in the background working tirelessly to make things work: the

5 Ways to Choose Your Wedding Date

One of the first things many couples have to overcome when planning their wedding is deciding on a date for it to hold. Here at Bluff

3 Wedding Superstitions You Can Comfortably Ignore

When it comes to weddings, there are some superstitions and omens both good and bad, that have come down with practice over the years. Here

3 Ways to Perfect Your Wedding Décor

When it comes to weddings, décor is one of the ways that you as a couple can showcase the beauty that is your love story. As one of the top

How to Have A Creative Black and White Wedding?

When most people hear black and white, they think boring. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be so. Timeless weddings are one of the best

4 Truths That You Need to Know When It Comes to Your Wedding Planning

The first tip when it comes to planning your wedding is that you should be aware that it is not going to be easy. But that does not also

5 Essential Things That You’ll Need on Your Wedding Day

Often, couples spend so much time planning the bigger things when it comes to their wedding day that they leave out some vital smaller

3 Mistakes That Couples Make When Choosing A Wedding Location

Top amongst the locations that you will always remember in your life is your wedding location. It will be present in all your wedding

2 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Colors

Bluff Mountain Inn is a great location for your wedding Sevierville, Tennessee and we have all the experience need to make your wedding