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Beautiful Ideas for Your First Look

Traditionally, the groom sees the bride for the first time the moment she walks down the aisle. There are even superstitions that say there

Don’t Forget to Coordinate Your Wedding Cake with Your Venue’s Style

Your wedding venue is extremely important – not just because it’s the actual space where your wedding will happen, but also because it’s

Wedding Ceremony Etiquette Tips You Should Definitely Remember

Saying I DO is more than just an event – it’s the kind of moment that changes your life forever, the kind of moment you want to remember

4 Lovely Ideas on How to Incorporate Apples into Your Wedding

Could there ever be something to say “fall more than apples (and, well, fallen leaves)? Probably not. Apples are the quintessentially

4 Essential Tips for Grooms on Their Big Day

There’s nothing more emotionally draining and beautiful at the same time, other than a wedding. Of course, most of the times, it feels that

You Might Want to Leave These People Out of Your Guest List

Creating a guest list for your wedding can be a daunting and stressful task – especially when budget is one of your primary concerns and

Lovely Gift Ideas for Your Bridesmaids’ Proposal

You love your friends and you want them to be by your side as you spell out the two most important words of your life, I Do. Yet, how do

How to Pick Your Perfect Wedding Veil

Your dress, your jewelry, and even your shoes will all make the world of a difference when it comes to the way you feel about yourself on

How to Plan a Luxurious Engagement Party

Getting engaged is such a magical, amazing moment in your life! Naturally, you will want to celebrate this together with your closest

Why Would You Want a Winter Wedding?

Most brides and grooms settle on the idea of a spring or summer wedding for obvious reasons: the weather, the abundance of flowers, and

Keep These Bridal Beauty Tips in Mind Half a Year before the Wedding

All brides want to look superb on their Sevierville wedding day – and you most likely make no exception whatsoever, right? You don’t get

These Foods Will Help Your Skin Radiate on the Big Day

All brides want to look beautiful on their wedding day – and you probably make no exception whatsoever. Beyond the dress (which is a matter