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Bride on a swing wearing cowboy boots.

What To Wear: Shoes For A Mountain Wedding In The Smoky Mountains

To add some spice in life, a destination wedding in the Smoky Mountains is what I planned to have. Being a bride and selecting all the

Details, Details.. Making a wedding checklist

Details, Details.. Making a wedding checklist The time leading up to your wedding day is usually (and naturally) one of the most stressful

3 Reasons To Have Your Spring Wedding at Bluff Mountain Inn

Spring is the perfect time to have your wedding. Not only is the weather ideal, but the blooming flowers and green trees make for a

Erica & Dalton were Married in the Mountains

Erica & Dalton were Married in the MountainsWeddings and receptions in Gatlinburg It was our pleasure to work with Erica & Dalton when

Beautiful bride at Bluff Mountain Inn

Brooke & Staten Elope to the Mountains

Brooke and Staten Eloped to the Mountains last weekend.  It was a beautiful day for January and they were able to have their ceremony

Rachel & Caleb’s Winter Wedding

A happy new beginning and new year to Rachel and Caleb! Although it was the 3rd of January, the weather was in favor for their

Rhonda & Rodney’s Romantic Wedding

We asked Rhonda for her and Rodney’s love story and we got this- something so special that we don’t dare edit it! Please read

Meghan & Evan’s Elegant Evening – update

this is an update on a post from November. Their story in Meghan’s words: Evan and I met at Ole Smoky Distillery.  I had been working

Video from Jennifer and David’s Wedding

Thanks to Jason Russell Films for sharing this video with us.  Great work if you need a videographer.