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Benefits of An All-Inclusive Wedding Venue

From “She said yes” to “Just Wedded” is one journey that many couples have come to dread. Numerous contracts that need signing, surprises, first-timer mistakes, overspending and lots of stress are some of the pitfalls of this journey.

We value your sanity and happiness as a couple, that’s part of why we’re located in the beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. We’re also more than just a wedding venue so here is something from us here at Bluff Mountain Inn that can eliminate all of the above-mentioned pitfalls in just one signature and payment. Interested? Read on to find out.

All-inclusive wedding packages are exactly as the name suggests, all-inclusive. Not only is your wedding venue taken care of, but your catering, entertainment, decoration, and other requirements are also sorted out. So why should you consider an all-inclusive wedding?



  • You Have the Bulk of Your Work Done for You

The time and work that goes into planning and executing a wedding is no joke at all. With an all-inclusive package, all you’ll have to do is nod your head or tick who you prefer from a list of competent vendors that you’ll be given. The all-inclusive package comes with a wedding planner who will help you plan both the wedding and the reception.

  • You Have More Than One Package to Choose From

With us, you have three! Just determine your budget and then select the one which best suits your wedding. Whether an elegant evening celebration or an intimate wedding and reception package, click on the weddings tab at the top of our page and select all-inclusive to see more.

  • Our Packages Are Reliable

You won’t have any last-minute surprises and won’t have to do too much research because we’ve been doing this for quite a while and we know what works. You can trust us fully.

  • You’ll Have Time for Yourself and Your Relationship

This one is important. Many couples almost become strangers just before their wedding because the amount of work involved has them running in opposite directions to be able to keep up. And then stress transfers and lots of other negatives come in. Your wedding day is an important day of your life, an all-inclusive package can give you the much-needed time to prepare yourself and each other for it.

Looking to get married in Tennessee? Bluff Mountain Inn is the best location for your wedding. Don’t just take our word for it, why not visit us? We’d be glad to show you. Give us a call today!


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