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Beautiful Ideas for Your First Look

Traditionally, the groom sees the bride for the first time the moment she walks down the aisle. There are even superstitions that say there will be bad luck if the groom sees the bride before that!

For those of you who want to bypass tradition (and superstition), though, having a First Look wedding photo shooting before the ceremony is a really good option, as it can help you ease off the nerves, and it can lead to some pretty emotional and unique wedding photos too!

What are some of the most original ideas for a First Look photo shoot that’s really special? We have gathered them right below – keep reading and find out more.

  • Use props. Balloons, paper fans, flowers, action toys of your favorite movie characters – you name it and you can include it in this moment. This is a good idea because it will help you incorporate your personality, your wedding theme, or just bits and pieces of the things you like into this special photo shooting. It can also help you ease off the nerves, as it will offer you something to hold and cling on to.
  • Use humor. Are you a quirky couple? Want your First Look photos to be really fun and unique? Plan a funny surprise for your loved one by showing up dressed in your pyjamas or even a funny costume. The shock on their face and the laughter that will ensue will be priceless – and having this caught on camera will definitely make your wedding photo album more special!
  • Include your bridal party. This is a really lovely way of making your bridesmaids and groomsmen feel special and to include them in this amazing moment. Call them in for the First Look and it will definitely lead to some pretty emotional moments!
  • Make it musical. Want to create a really emotional First Look? Sing something before the groom sees you (or before you see the bride). It will make for such amazing, romantic, unforgettable memories and it will make your loved one feel SO special!


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