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An Artistic Wedding and How to Have One

One thing that many couples do is add personalized details to their wedding to celebrate their uniqueness. They usually use things like their favorite foods, things that remind them of their hometown and even monograms.

In recent years, we at Bluff Mountain Inn have noticed a rising inclusion of artistic elements in weddings happening in Tennessee. From subtle paintbrush stroke details gracing invitations and paper goods to couples who emblazon their table cards with calligraphy and watercolor designs. Some weddings even have an actual artist is on-site to capture the true emotion of the day on canvas. Whichever one is chosen, utilizing artsy details is an especially striking way to add a special flair to wedding décor. So, how then does one have an artistic wedding?

  • Intentionally

Artistic weddings are different from other kinds of weddings. Everything must be carefully thought out. Your planning must be meticulous and everything has to be beautifully and creatively assembled. Your location also has to be stylish with impressive architecture just like we have at Bluff Mountain Inn. When it comes to your wedding, just picture a well thought out piece of art.

  • Simple and Organic

Your décor for your artistic wedding has to be sophisticated but simple. Rather than outrageous/flashy designs and colors, go for more natural pastel colors and components. Involve lots of plants, foliage and natural surfaces like stone, brick, and marble.

  • Romantic

Artistic weddings are romantic weddings. The feel of your artistic wedding should be romantic so go for soft colors, music, lighting and natural colors. Also, go for feminine flowers and flowing fashion.

  • Fashion

When it comes to artistic weddings, we’ve already mentioned flowing fashion. Artistic, high fashion should be the theme of the day.

  • Photography

The pictures and videos from your wedding should be soft, elegant and dreamy. We’re thinking gorgeous pictures that look like they’re from a storybook as opposed to super contrasted and over vibrant modern photos.

Bluff Mountain Inn is not only the best location to have your wedding in Tennessee, we’re great at artistic weddings too. We work closely with all the service providers for your wedding and our wedding planning and photography teams are experienced and top-notch too. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today!

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