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An Alternative Wedding and How to Have One

Your wedding is your special day and you should celebrate it however you want. It’s one day that you should always look back on with fondness so that means in your planning, you must make sure that the day represents and celebrates you and your partner’s happiness. If you’ve been to and seen many weddings and are tired of the cliché, we at Bluff Mountain Inn have some good news for you: Your wedding does not have to be cliché.

Alternative weddings are one niche we’re good at and so here is a list of some creative themes that you could go with at your wedding, instead of the usual traditional wedding theme.

  • A Festival Wedding

A festival wedding would be great to hold at our location in the summer. It has a family-friendly vibe and decorations like fairy lights, wildflowers and bunting go a long way towards setting the mood. You can choose live music from a genre that you and your partner love. Your wedding fashion can include boots like wellington boots and you could also style your invitations like festival posters. A great way to liven things up is to have a carnival wedding instead. Just add a lot more color to your wedding and serve snacks like popcorn and candy floss to achieve this theme.

  • A Travel-Themed Wedding

If you are a couple that loves to travel, this one is for you. Your wedding invitations can be a postcard or passport and you can name your tables after your favorite locations. Layout a map of the table plan and incorporate items like globes, maps, holiday snaps and more into your overall décor. Better still, you could just choose one of your favorite locations and transform your wedding into that place. This means exhibiting whatever reminds you of the location and maybe including some local meals from there to your wedding menu. You can also see if your DJ or band can include music native to that area.

Located in Tennessee. We at Bluff Mountain Inn have made successful happy weddings our job and would love to help you achieve yours too. We’d also be glad to hear from you and work with you. Give us a call today!

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