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7 Ways to Feel Calm and Relaxed on Your Wedding Day

Lots of couples are anything but calm and relaxed on their wedding day. And as a result of that, they miss out on many subtle but important moments of that day and barely have any fun.

Well, we at Bluff Mountain Inn don’t want you to go down the same road. A wedding should be fun for everyone, especailly the couple, so here are 10 tips from us on achieving a state of calm on your wedding day.

  • Choose the Right Location

If you feel a connection to a wedding venue the first time that you see it, then that is the one to go for. It would be even better if this venue has nearby accommodation so you won’t have to travel up and down during the ceremony and all the accompanying events. That connection will go a long way towards calming you and keeping you relaxed on your wedding day.

  • Go to Bed Early

Sleeping early the night before your wedding is important because it’ll give you time to relax and, more importantly, set you up for a restful sleep so you’re raring and ready to go the next day!

  • Have Some Breakfast

A healthy breakfast is an ideal way to start your wedding day. Avoid food that could make you feel queasy; instead, go for food that is light but high in energy-you’ll need it. A calming infused tea would be great for keeping you in high spirits too.

  • Use Calming Scents

Consider having your favorite scent as a room diffuser or candle. Use it to relax while you’re getting ready.

  • Play Music You Love

Music is great in keeping people relaxed and calm, of course. Everyone knows that. On your wedding morning, play the kind of songs that make you feel positive, excited, and relaxed.

  • Pamper Yourself

Take a nice long bath, if you’re the kind who likes them. Spoil yourself with a luxurious dressing gown while you get ready for your wedding. You’ll be surprised at the amount of good it will do for you.

  • Have A First Look

A first look session is a great way to rub out any ‘last-minute’ nerves and also get beautiful pictures. It’ll bring you both together as a couple before you see all your guests. You can take strength from each other and then start your day relaxed and happy. Best of luck!

Bluff Mountain Inn is a beautiful mountain location for your wedding in Sevierville, Tennessee. After this pandemic passes and it’s safe to have weddings again, we would love to host your dream wedding. Do you want to know more? Then give us a call today!

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