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6 Things to Consider When Picking Your Wedding Date

A very Happy New Year to you from us here at Bluff Mountain Inn. 2019 was a great year and we’re more than ready to get started on the activities for 2020. We hope to host your wedding here in Tennessee this year but before that, have you selected a date yet? If not, here are 7 tips to guide you when choosing a date for your wedding.

  • How Available Is Your Venue?

One thing that good wedding venues have in common is that they are often booked way in advance. Finding that the venue you want is open on a date that you have already preset is a rarity that you should not bank on. You might have to choose a date based on availability so please prepare your mind for that.

  • The Less Input, The Better

This one is mostly for when you have already set the date. A few inputs from the people that you must have present on your wedding day before you choose the date is important. After you choose the date, however, the less input you get on your choice, the better.

  • Consider the Season

In selecting a wedding date, the season is one thing that you should look at. Selecting a season can help you narrow down dates. There are lots of things to look at when it comes to season, the temperature, the prices for that season. You should also remember that every season has its drawbacks and that there is no magic day that is better than all days of the year.

  • Take into Account the Length of Your Engagement

There are advantages and disadvantages to both short and long engagements. The best option is to pick a wedding timeline that works for you. If you can decide on how long you want your engagement to before, you can then have an idea of the date to set for your wedding.

  • Consider Your Also Engaged Friends and Loved Ones

Who is getting married first and where? As bad as it sounds, this isn’t shallow. You’ll be able to do more planning and arrangements when you consider other’s dates. For example, if you want all your family to fly into your hometown on a particular date, you could all try picking dates together so that it’s one trip and twice the party.

  • If You’re Not Flexible on Dates, Try to Be Flexible Everything Else:

If you have your heart set on a date and you don’t want to let go, then be ready to compromise on other things. We mean things like your vendors because they may not be available for your date and even your venue if it is already booked up.

Bluff Mountain is the best location in Sevierville, Tennessee for your wedding. Don’t just take our word for it however, why not book a tour? Contact us today!


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