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5 Ways to Choose Your Wedding Date

One of the first things many couples have to overcome when planning their wedding is deciding on a date for it to hold. Here at Bluff Mountain Inn, we’ve heard all sorts of reasons, and some of them might just help you to decide. So, without further ado, here are some ways to choose your wedding date.



  • The Availability of Your Venue That You Want

Often, in peak seasons, wedding venues have a lot of competition. There is often a fierce fight for the best, most sought-after venues. That’s why the availability of the venue that you want is usually an overriding factor in many wedding date decisions.

  • That Day Fit in Your Budget

We’ll explain. Just as weddings have a peak season, they also have slumps. During slumps, many suppliers, caterers, cake designers, and venues are all vying for a very small customer base. This could mean getting those services at a cheaper rate.

  • It’s Close to The Right Time for Your Honeymoon

Some couples want to plan a honeymoon to remember and that might mean waiting for a particular time of the year. If your wedding is set around the same time, you can go straight for your honeymoon afterward.

  • It Is the Perfect Free Time for Both of You

Couples don’t want to feel rushed on their wedding day. The last you want to do is to be worrying about what you’re supposed to do the next week. You could decide your wedding date solely on the ease of that date alone.

  • You Want A Particular Themed Wedding

Imagine a winter wonderland wedding in May. That’s a big no. Couples looking to create a season sensitive wedding theme have to think about the timing and the seasons before settling it on a particular day.

Whatever you do decide, just remember that this is your special day and so you can do whatever you want to make it your own.

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