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5 Ways to Have a Cool and Calm Wedding Day

bride having a cool and calm wedding dayWedding Day can come with stresses and high emotions, but these pointers will help give you ideas to stay cool, calm and collected during your big day!

1. Choosing an all-inclusive wedding venue is one ideal way to keep the stress down. A venue like Bluff Mountain Inn takes care of everything from the planning to the decorating. Just describe your ideas of a dream wedding and let them handle the work of making it come to life!

2. It is known that exercise helps relieve stress, even if it is just a short walk. If you are feeling a little anxious, taking a short, 10-minute walk will help you gather your thoughts clearly and get your happy endorphins pumping to get you re-energized to walk down the aisle. And what better place to relieve some stress by walking outside and knowing you are in the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains!?

3. A DIY emergency kit! Sometimes the smallest mishaps seem dire on a wedding day. This kit can include things like a small sewing kit, stain remover pens, healthy snacks and water, bobby pins, hairspray, lint roller, aspirin, safety pins, etc.

4. Making last-minute decisions can raise the anxiety. Who is your biggest helper? Appoint them to help you make these decisions! Remember, it is always okay to ask for help. Also, if you have a wedding planner, put your trust in her that she will make your dream day as smooth as possible. After all, this is what she loves to do!

5. Taking care of yourself is key! A good night’s sleep will give you the energy to power through the day. Along with getting rest, eating is just as important! While you may be concerned with the fitting of your dress, eat a healthy and balanced breakfast (and even lunch!). It will keep the nerves down as well as maintaining that energy that you got from that beauty sleep.

While the day may seem hectic (or crazy!) keeping cool and calm will help you enjoy the moment and give you many more memories to last a lifetime!

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