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4 Tips on Planning A Perfect Wedding Ceremony

The day of your wedding is an important milestone in your relationship. So, it’s only right that you’d want it to be a day of perfection. Everything from the ceremony to the reception should be so beautiful that it inspires as many of your guests who plan to have their wedding soon. So how do you plan the perfect wedding ceremony? Here are 4 tips from us here at Bluff Mountain Inn.

  • For A Religious Ceremony

If you decide on having a religious ceremony, expect stricter rules concerning things like your music and even your vows. So be prepared to have to follow them to the letter. Most religious ceremonies have to happen in places like a church or a chapel to be perfect.

  • Your Vows

If you are having a religious ceremony as we mentioned above, you might have to follow a certain laid down rule for your vows. Otherwise, wedding vows are often entirely your choice. Most couples choose to personalize their vows because it makes for a more unique wedding. However, if you have a problem with public speaking and feel personalizing your vows will put too much of a strain on you, you can avoid the personalized vow exchange completely. Just go with the traditional ones.

  • Big or Small Décor

The décor you choose for your wedding can impact the vibes at your wedding. So, do you want to have grand décor at your wedding or do you want to keep it simple? Discuss this with your partner and decide on which best goes with the vision that you have for your wedding.

  • Special Moments

Things like having your officiant introduce your love story and a special reading done by your loved ones can add special meaning to your wedding. Depending on the theme for your wedding you can include moments like these and more. What do you think?

Looking for a great wedding venue in Tennessee? Contact Bluff Mountain Inn and allow us to be the ones who help you make your dream wedding come true after this pandemic has passed. In the meantime, please stay safe and know that we’re here for you.

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