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4 Pumpkin Décor Ideas Perfect for a Fall Wedding

Fall weddings can be absolutely stunning from so many points of view! The warmth of the colors outside, the coziness, and even the lower prices – these are just SOME of the advantages of having a fall wedding.

One of the biggest advantages?

The fact that you get to play around with quintessentially fall elements like pumpkins and create a truly unique event – the kind of wedding people will never forget.

How to include pumpkins in your wedding décor this fall? We have some suggestions and ideas for you – keep on reading to learn more.

  • The dessert. This is one of the most common places pumpkins can be found at a fall wedding. Most of the times, it happens in the actual desserts (because let’s face it: who doesn’t love pumpkin pie?). However, that doesn’t mean you should limit yourself. A few natural colored or even spray painted pumpkins here and here will automatically lift up your wedding dessert table décor and make it more fall-worthy.
  • The ceremony. You may think a romantic moment like this is not compatible with pumpkins. However, painted in white (or just left natural) and combined with really lush flower arrangements, pumpkins can become a precious piece of décor that will make your wedding ceremony feel more special and unforgettable.
  • The reception. Wouldn’t you absolutely love to use pumpkins instead of flower vases? Or how about just creating arrangements that include pumpkins, seasonal flowers and seasonal foliage? Regardless of what you choose, you will definitely find some pretty amazing and unique ways of bringing pumpkins into your wedding reception décor.
  • The stationery. Wedding invitations stylized with pumpkins can look really pretty. Likewise, mini pumpkins can be used as props for different wedding photos, and they can be used as place card holders too. And if you want to surprise everyone with a really special piece of décor, why not paint a couple of large pumpkins and write your special message on them? “Mr.” on one pumpkin and “Mrs.” on the other one will look so nice!


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