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4 Lovely Ideas on How to Incorporate Apples into Your Wedding

Could there ever be something to say “fall more than apples (and, well, fallen leaves)?

Probably not. Apples are the quintessentially seasonal fruit – the kind of treat you grab on to throughout the entire cool season for a myriad of reasons. The colors, the flavor, the very essence of an apple is right there, embedded well within our culture, as the kind of element that should never miss when painting a full picture of fall.

Everyone loves apples – but have you ever considered including them in your wedding (other than in apple pies)?

We have some tips for you – read on and find out more.

  • Apple garlands and flower arrangements. Add richness and a touch of fall to your floral arrangements by including apples in it. Although these fruits might seem pretty large for a floral piece of décor, they can still be incorporated in amazing ways. The essence here lies in choosing the right colors for your apples – the colors that complement the florals and the greenery around them.
  • Escort cards. This is such a wonderful idea, especially if you don’t use paint or a marker on the actual apple! That can be done and it will look amazing if you write your guests’ names in gold on a red apple, for instance, but you can also pin the escort card in the apple and give the fruit to your guests as a treat (or as a wedding favor). If you choose to do this, be sure to offer really flavorful apples!
  • Who doesn’t love treating themselves to a deliciously sweet candied apple? Regardless of whether you go for the candied (red) version or for a more natural one (apples dipped in caramel), you can rest assured that candied apples with be a huge success for your Big Day.
  • Apple wall. Statement walls have been really popular in 2018 – and if you want one for your wedding too, you should definitely consider a shelf full of apples! You can invite your guests to grab a fruit as a snack or as a wedding favor, and the arrangement itself will definitely make the wedding feel absolutely stunning!


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