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3 Weddings Traditions for Your Wedding Day

One great thing about weddings is, there are so many ways you can celebrate them. Weddings are as wonderful as they are diverse, so you can even borrow from other cultures or ancient traditions. It’s your day, and no one has a say in the matter like no one else has.



Jumping the Broom

The broom has always been used to represent the strength that comes with unity and togetherness. Jumping the broom at the wedding is a tradition believed to be from Africa. The idea is you’re supposed to portray the start of a new life by sweeping away your old, single lives. It also a sign that you’re embarking on a new path and leaving behind your former worries and problems.

Jumping the broom is still practiced in some African countries today and an advantage is that you can always keep the broom as a design piece in their new home. The broom jumping can be done after the wedding ceremony on the way to the reception.

Something Old, Something New

Believed to have originated from Lancashire and dating back to the 1800s, the sixpence mentioned resides in the bride’s left shoe to show prosperity. So, if you’re the bride, that’s exactly what you’ll do. Doing that is also a way to ward off evil from your rejected suitors.

Something old is also expected to bring protection to your future baby. Something new represents enthusiasm for the new life you and your spouse will begin. Something borrowed was to be gotten from a woman in a long, happy marriage so it reflects on your marriage too. While something blue represents fidelity and loyalty, which are necessary for any marriage to succeed, includ8ng yours

Something old and new could both be jewelry-a necklace or bracelet. Something borrowed could still be jewelry too, or perhaps a veil. Something blue is usually a small blue ribbon sewn into the insides of your dress.

Throwing Rice

A tradition believed to have been started by the Ancient Romans, the rice you’ll be flinging all over the place is meant to signify showers of rain, which in turn denotes good fortune, prosperity and blessings for you and your spouse. It also represents fertility.

You can have the rice thrown as you exit the wedding ceremony or as you leave the reception on your way to your honeymoon.

Pick any out of these three that really appeals to you or find a way to incorporate them all into your marriage ceremony. Bringing tradition into your wedding ceremony is a great way to go out of the norm and make your wedding day special, meaningful and unique.

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