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Lots of couples are anything but calm and relaxed on their wedding day. And as a result of that, they miss out on many subtle but important moments of that day and barely have any fun.

Well, we at Bluff Mountain Inn don’t want you to go down the same road. A wedding should be fun for everyone, especailly the couple, so here are 10 tips from us on achieving a state of calm on your wedding day.

  • Choose the Right Location

If you feel a connection to a wedding venue the first time that you see it, then that is the one to go for. It would be even better if this venue has nearby accommodation so you won’t have to travel up and down during the ceremony and all the accompanying events. That connection will go a long way towards calming you and keeping you relaxed on your wedding day.

  • Go to Bed Early

Sleeping early the night before your wedding is important because it’ll give you time to relax and, more importantly, set you up for a restful sleep so you’re raring and ready to go the next day!

  • Have Some Breakfast

A healthy breakfast is an ideal way to start your wedding day. Avoid food that could make you feel queasy; instead, go for food that is light but high in energy-you’ll need it. A calming infused tea would be great for keeping you in high spirits too.

  • Use Calming Scents

Consider having your favorite scent as a room diffuser or candle. Use it to relax while you’re getting ready.

  • Play Music You Love

Music is great in keeping people relaxed and calm, of course. Everyone knows that. On your wedding morning, play the kind of songs that make you feel positive, excited, and relaxed.

  • Pamper Yourself

Take a nice long bath, if you’re the kind who likes them. Spoil yourself with a luxurious dressing gown while you get ready for your wedding. You’ll be surprised at the amount of good it will do for you.

  • Have A First Look

A first look session is a great way to rub out any ‘last-minute’ nerves and also get beautiful pictures. It’ll bring you both together as a couple before you see all your guests. You can take strength from each other and then start your day relaxed and happy. Best of luck!

Bluff Mountain Inn is a beautiful mountain location for your wedding in Sevierville, Tennessee. After this pandemic passes and it’s safe to have weddings again, we would love to host your dream wedding. Do you want to know more? Then give us a call today!

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Reception seat planning should be one of the final tasks on your wedding planning to-do list, but with all the time you’re spending at home (Coronavirus strikes again), nothing stops you from having a go at it now.

We at Bluff Mountain Inn understand this, and that’s why we’ve decided to help. Here are 7 tips on how to seat your guests at your reception.



  • Start Early

You probably have this one covered-or maybe not. There are couples who find themselves hard at work the night before their wedding;  deciding who is going to sit where, what food will be placed where, etc. Avoid all this by having your chart ready on time.

  • Categorize the Guest List

Categorize all of your guests by the relationship they share with you. Separate them into Friends, Family, Your Partner’s Friends, Your Partner’s family, your family friends, your partner’s family friends, etc. After this, you can then make a list and separate the list into distinct tables.

  • Draw Things Down

Find out how many people can seat comfortably at a table and then draw out the circle for tables, then write names inside of it. This will help give you a better idea of how your seating arrangement will end up.

  • Decide Where You’ll Sit

You can either put yourselves on display for everyone to see during your reception or join your guests in a more intimate wedding seating arrangement. You can also choose to either have your wedding party sit with you or have them sit with their dates at other tables.

  • The Parents Table

Your parents and your partner’s parents should be seated at the same table along with your grandparents and siblings-who are not part of the wedding party. If it turns out that there are some divorced parents in the mix, let each set of parents host their tables. That would mean at least 4 parent tables.

  • Tame Tensions

In situations where you have some family members who do not get along with each other, keep them as far as possible from each other using the seating arrangement. So be sure to ask about-and know-who gets along with who for your event.

  • Provide Reunion Time

If you are inviting a lot of college or high school friends, having them seat together is a great way to help them catch up with each other.

Bluff Mountain Inn is a romantic and serene mountain wedding destination in Sevierville, Tennessee. We’re committed to the success of every wedding that we host and would love to hear from you. Give us a call today!

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The day of your wedding is an important milestone in your relationship. So, it’s only right that you’d want it to be a day of perfection. Everything from the ceremony to the reception should be so beautiful that it inspires as many of your guests who plan to have their wedding soon. So how do you plan the perfect wedding ceremony? Here are 4 tips from us here at Bluff Mountain Inn.

  • For A Religious Ceremony

If you decide on having a religious ceremony, expect stricter rules concerning things like your music and even your vows. So be prepared to have to follow them to the letter. Most religious ceremonies have to happen in places like a church or a chapel to be perfect.

  • Your Vows

If you are having a religious ceremony as we mentioned above, you might have to follow a certain laid down rule for your vows. Otherwise, wedding vows are often entirely your choice. Most couples choose to personalize their vows because it makes for a more unique wedding. However, if you have a problem with public speaking and feel personalizing your vows will put too much of a strain on you, you can avoid the personalized vow exchange completely. Just go with the traditional ones.

  • Big or Small Décor

The décor you choose for your wedding can impact the vibes at your wedding. So, do you want to have grand décor at your wedding or do you want to keep it simple? Discuss this with your partner and decide on which best goes with the vision that you have for your wedding.

  • Special Moments

Things like having your officiant introduce your love story and a special reading done by your loved ones can add special meaning to your wedding. Depending on the theme for your wedding you can include moments like these and more. What do you think?

Looking for a great wedding venue in Tennessee? Contact Bluff Mountain Inn and allow us to be the ones who help you make your dream wedding come true after this pandemic has passed. In the meantime, please stay safe and know that we’re here for you.

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Before we talk about weddings, as usual, we at Bluff Mountain Inn would first like to ask how you are doing. We know that everyone is doing their best where this coronavirus pandemic is concerned but, in the meantime, please be aware that you are not alone. We’re here whenever you need us.

Now, the whole quarantine and social distancing might have had you reminiscing and deciding that when it comes to your wedding, you’d like to have a traditional ceremony just for the heck of it. That’s great! Here are some things that you can include on your wedding day to get just that.

  • Suits for The Groom

There are lots of options for grooms now when it comes to weddings. But if you’re trying to go traditional, nothing beats a black tuxedo and tie!

  • Traditional Seating

For a traditional wedding, the bride’s family and friends are expected to be on the left while those of the groom are to be on the right. The grandparents of the groom are also seated before those of the bride. If you’d like this at your event no problem. Just get an usher that will help seat your guests for you.


  • Aisle Runner

An aisle runner that is rolled out for the bride and her attendants to walk down is a great way to go traditional. The usher enlisted above can complete their duties by doing this.

  • Readings

At traditional weddings, one or two readings that are often selected by the officiant, help reflect the religious elements of the ceremony. The couple can also select the readings and they can be done by a close friend or family member.

  • The Receiving Line

Traditionally, the receiving line consisted of both mothers, the newlyweds and the female attendants at the wedding. It was done at the end of the ceremony and guests walked through to begin the wedding reception.

  • Tiered Wedding Cake

For traditional weddings, the cake to go for is a 3-tiered wedding cake. It is timeless and will probably never go out of style.

  • A Grand Departure

During weddings in the days of yore, the couple was the first to leave the reception through a line of guests. The guests armed with petals, rice or other things could then shower the newlyweds as they headed to a car waiting to whisk them away. If you’ll be going traditional, you should add this.

Don’t forget that if you’re looking for a great venue to hold your wedding in Sevierville Tennessee when this is all over, Bluff Mountain Inn is the venue for you. Give us a call today!

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We’re in the thick of the coronavirus epidemic here in the US and hopefully, with social distancing and other safe practices that have been established by the government, this will soon pass. Whatever questions you might have concerning your wedding plans, please feel free to reach out to us here at Bluff Mountain Inn with them. We’ll be glad to help. In the meantime, while we still wait for good news where this epidemic is concerned and make little plans towards your wedding which will hopefully be able to happen soon, here are some tips that you can apply when making your guest list.

  • Divide and Conquer

Yes, this is war!!! We’re kidding it’s not. Divide and conquer is, however, a great strategy where your guest list is concerned. Start by deciding your total guest count and then split it 3 ways. 50% for you and your partner and then 25% for each set of parents. Or you could split it equally 3 ways.

  • Add Plus-Ones Consistently

Your friends will most likely be in different stages of their relationships. You could decide for instance that if they’ve been a couple for 6 months or more, they get an invite. And stick to whatever you do decide where everyone is concerned. Also, remember that you’ll have to ask your officiant’s spouse to the event too.

  • Have A Kid Policy

Will your wedding be kid-free or will you have an age cutoff? For example, you could say that only children 14 and over are invited.

  • Reciprocity Is Good Too

If a friend invited you to her wedding within the last 12 months, for example, it’s only proper that you invite her to yours. If you are however having an intimate affair that does not allow for that, please try to explain before the date.

  • Limit Co-Workers

It is great to invite your boss or your assistant if numbers allow, but beyond that, stick to co-workers that you have a relationship with outside your office.

  • Trim in Groups

This can help in avoiding hurt feelings. You don’t want one of your spin buddies wondering why they didn’t get the invite while others did.

  • Accept That Friends Grow Apart

Try to invite only people you’ve had contact with in the past year.

  • Set A Deadline

If you’ve not heard back from someone by the date indicated on your invitation, call them. You need to know and so do your vendors!

Bluff Mountain Inn is a serene and beautiful mountain location for your wedding in Sevierville Tennessee. Have any more questions? Give us a call today!

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