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The Top 3 Discussions You Should Have with Your Fiancé before the Wedding

Getting married is an obviously huge step in anyone’s life – and while now you may be excited about the engagement and the wedding planning ahead of you, it is also important to know that you should definitely have a few serious discussions with your fiancé before you walk down the altar.

What are these discussions and why are they so important? Read on and find out more.

  • The name question. Will you take his name, will you keep yours, or will you hyphenate them? This is a serious discussion to have – the last thing you want is to learn that you’re not necessarily on the same page on this after the wedding. It may not be the most entertaining chat you will ever have with your future spouse, but it’s essential.
  • Your dreams. What do you want to do in life? What are the places you want to see, the things you want to experience? What is your dream job and how will you two tackle a busy schedule? Discuss your dream life together and vow to help each other achieve them. THOSE are the happiest marriages!
  • The children. Do you want children? How many? When do you want to have them? Will one of you stay at home, at least part time to take care of them? What happens if infertility issues appear? Of all discussions, this might be the most difficult one, but it’s something you both need to agree on before signing the papers.


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