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Swap These Elements in Your Wedding to Save Money

Weddings are quite expensive – so it’s understandable why many couples want to save as much money as possible.

Is that possible without sacrificing the beauty and the dreaminess of your Big Day, though?

Well, yes, you can actually have a gorgeous wedding when running on a small budget too – it’s all in the details.

For instance, if you swap certain elements of your wedding with others that are less costly, you can save quite a lot of money. Here are some examples:

budget-savvy wedding
  • Don’t buy a dress made for you. Wedding dresses can be really pricy, and if you order one that was made especially for you, the price can grow even more. Sample sales and gently worn gowns are an excellent option for those of you who want to wear a beautiful designer gown without breaking the bank.
  • Don’t buy new accessories. The jewelry, the shoes, the veil – they can all add up to the price you pay for the bridal look. Why not swap them with something that’s much less expensive and a lot more sentimental, like heirloom accessories (e.g. the veil your mother wore on her wedding day and the earrings your grandma wore on her wedding day)? It’s such a nice way to honor your loved ones and bring them even closer to you on a very special moment in your life!
  • Individual wedding menus and day-of stationery. OK, etiquette dictates that it isn’t a good idea to send out online invitations to your wedding (you can, however, send them for the pre-wedding events such as the bridal shower, for example). But when it comes to day-of stationery, you have a lot more freedom – so why spend a small fortune on individual wedding menus when you can create table signs for each of these categories? Not only will this look more interesting (a menu written on a chalkboard, for example), but it will also save you important sums of money.
  • Table décor for the wedding reception. Sure, you may not want to leave your tables bare, but why not repurpose the ceremony florals to use them on the wedding tables, for example? For instance, the garlands used to decorate the aisles can then be placed on the tables as floral table runner – they look fantastic, they are trendy, they save you money, and they are friendlier with the environment too!

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