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Rhonda & Rodney’s Romantic Wedding

We asked Rhonda for her and Rodney’s love story and we got this- something so special that we don’t dare edit it! Please read on:
“We were teenage friends. I always thought he was so cute. I joined the USAF in 1979. I came home on leave in 1981 and ran into him. He must have thought I was cute then!!! (LOL). Anyways…he asked me if I wanted to go hiking and I accepted. That was my FIRST hike ever in these beautiful mountains. We kept in touch for about a year via phone but he got accepted to medical school in Grenada and we lost touch. In 2009, he was being introduced in Emergency Room where I worked as a new Physicians Assistant joining our team. I took one look and said “I know you”!!!!! It had been almost 30 years since we had talked. He had just returned from a 2 year deployment in Afghanistan as a Naval officer. We shared our life stories over the next few encounters while working. In April of that same year he announced to our ER team that he was being deployed back to Afghanistan. We shared emails and promised to stay in touch. My life had some setbacks and part of my healing was exercising and preparing for my SECOND hike ever in these beautiful mountains. I was going alone and very nervous about my capabilities. He was in Afghanistan and had encouraged me through emails. It was a sunny late October day and I drove to the trailhead and was studying the map and I looked up ….and saw him standing there smiling! He had taken military leave to return to the states and surprised me. We took that hike together. He returned home from Afghanistan in 2011 and over the next years our friendship blossomed into a beautiful romance. We have hiked hundreds of miles together and look forward to continuing our journey now as husband and wife. Thank you for our perfect….beautiful….wedding! Dreams do come true!!”
How cool is that!? Congratulations to this great couple and thanks for finding Bluff Mountain Inn!
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