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Rachel & Caleb’s Winter Wedding

A happy new beginning and new year to Rachel and Caleb! Although it was the 3rd of January, the weather was in favor for their special wedding day in the mountains. We asked Rachel for their love story and this is what we got!:
Who would’ve thought that I would move in next door to such a handsome guy! I had admired him from afar for years throughout college and he swears that he did the very same thing.  After living next door a few weeks, I finally got up the nerve to message him. Of course I was just making him aware of our current situation.  I was his next door neighbor now and he absolutely needed to know! A few movies, many dinners, and a couple of moves later and here we are.  I’m so very proud to call him mine! We’ve faced a lot together as a couple, both now living, working, and attending school in Nashville, TN. I can’t imagine sharing this crazy thing called life with anyone else!
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