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Your dress, your jewelry, and even your shoes will all make the world of a difference when it comes to the way you feel about yourself on your wedding day.

And your wedding veil is definitely not to be left at the bottom of your list of priorities either.

How to choose your perfect wedding veil?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Strike the right balance. It is important to make sure your wedding veil doesn’t make your look feel too “crowded”. So if your wedding dress is heavily embellished, you should keep your veil as simple and as plain as possible. On the other side, if your dress is simple, you can definitely choose to wear a more ornate wedding veil.
  • Pick the right length. Wedding veils come in a very wide variety of lengths – from floor sweeping cathedral length to very short birdcage veils. The style you have chosen for your dress and for your wedding, as well as your own height should dictate the length of the wedding veil (e.g. if you are on the petite side, you might want to avoid a very long veil, unless you’re wearing higher heels).
  • Choose the right color. In general, your wedding veil should be as close as possible to your wedding gown in terms of color. You might not be able to find something that’s 100% the same as your wedding dress, but you will definitely find something that’s at least close to it.
  • Decide on the fabric. Most wedding veils are made from tulle – but if you want to wear something different, there are plenty of other options – such as silk, satin, or even lace. It all depends on the style you want to create for yourself on the Big Day.
  • Consider your hairdo. Before you pick a wedding veil, think (at least in very broad terms) what you want for your hairdo. Will it be pulled up or left down? Do you want your hairdo to show a lot? These things should be on your mind when you choose a wedding veil.


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Getting engaged is such a magical, amazing moment in your life!

Naturally, you will want to celebrate this together with your closest friends and relatives – but how do you actually plan a luxurious engagement party to set the tone for the Big Day itself?

We have gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Take this as training for your actual wedding planning and follow all the steps you would follow for the planning of the Big Day itself. Start by settling who will host the party. Traditionally, someone in the bride’s family would be charged with this task – but these days, this is not an absolute must. If you and your fiancé want to host the party together, that’s totally fine!
  • Set a budget. “Luxury” doesn’t mean you should spend endlessly. It means that you should set a realistic budget from the very beginning and make sure you stick to it. Discuss with your fiancé and settle on the things you really want to splurge on, as well as the things you can save on.
  • Craft your guest list. You don’t have to invite a lot of people to the engagement party – these are usually quite intimate and small. However, keep in mind that those who are invited to this party MUST be invited to the wedding too!
  • Send invitations. Since this is a luxury event, your invitations should be traditional, on paper. Usually, it’s fine to send electronic invitations for the smaller pre-wedding events, but if you want to keep this classy, you might want to send out traditional invitations. Also, don’t forget to include a dress code too – you don’t want some of your guests to feel underdressed or overdressed in any way.
  • Pick your venue. If you want this to be a luxury engagement party, you should choose a venue that’s actually luxurious. It doesn’t have to be something very large as you will most likely not invite many people – but it should be intimate and it should look really great, down the smallest detail!


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Most brides and grooms settle on the idea of a spring or summer wedding for obvious reasons: the weather, the abundance of flowers, and even the guests’ availability.

Why would you want a winter Sevierville wedding, though? What is so special about planning your Big Day in the cool season?

We have gathered some of the most popular reasons winter brides and grooms have fallen in love with the season – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • Snowy wedding photos. What could be more beautiful than romantic photos of you and your loved one kissing in the snow? There’s something magical, timelessly romantic, and utterly unforgettable about this kind of pictures – so this is a very good reason to settle on a winter wedding.
  • Most of the venues and wedding vendors will usually practice lower prices during the cool season, precisely because it’s not as busy as spring and summer are. If you’re looking to save some money and still get an ultra-romantic wedding, this is the way. Plus, you’re more likely to find your preferred venue and vendors
  • There’s just nothing like spending quality time over a cup of mulled wine or hot chocolate. If you want a cozy, intimate, sweet and romantic wedding, winter is just the perfect season for it – everyone will love the food, the comforting effect, and, of course, the warm drinks.
  • Since most weddings happen during summertime, it is far more likely that your guests will be more available for your wedding day. Even more, since they haven’t been to a wedding in a few months, it is more likely that they will actually have more fun at yours – your Big Day will not be the fifth one on their list, but an occasion to celebrate and party.
  • Can you imagine the impact a tropical honeymoon will have on you as you move from snowy landscapes to exotic island time? Not only will you be able to book your honeymoon for cheaper in a lot of exotic locations, but you will also be able to truly enjoy all the sunshine and positive vibes – and, of course, you will come back all tanned, in the middle of the winter (which is always a plus, let’s admit it).


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Booking the perfect wedding venue in Sevierville is one of the single most important steps of the wedding planning process. In fact, this step is SO important that it can literally make or break the entire event.

Of course, you have a bunch of criteria in mind as to how your chosen wedding venue should look like – but once you have found something to suit that criteria, do you know what questions to ask to make sure everything is in order?

We have some tips for you – so read on if you want to find out more about the top questions to ask before booking your wedding venue.

  • What is included in the price they’re asking for their services? Depending on the wedding venue, the services may include just the wedding reception room, or other elements as well (ceremony site, cleaning service, and so on). Even more, how many hours will you pay for?
  • Will your wedding be the only one taking place on the property? Bumping into other brides (or worse, discovering that your guests have gotten lost among other brides and grooms’ Big Days) can be pretty awkward and uncomfortable. So, it’s better to be prepared, just in case.
  • Is there anything you are not allowed to do? Again, this varies a lot from one wedding venue to another – but, for example, there are venues that don’t allow candles as part of the wedding décor. Also, some venues don’t allow external wedding vendors (specifically when it comes to the catering). Ask about the things you’re not allowed to do and make sure you are comfortable with them.
  • Is the venue accessibility-friendly? This can easily escape your mind, but it is quite likely that you will have guests who just can’t move around very easily (i.e. your grandmother, for example). Ask your venue about their accessibility if you want to make sure all of your wedding guests feel amazing!
  • Is there any kind of restriction connected to the music and its loudness? Depending on the state and on where the venue is located, you might find that you won’t be able to turn up the volume too loud after a certain hour. Be sure you know what time that happens!


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All brides want to look superb on their Sevierville wedding day – and you most likely make no exception whatsoever, right? You don’t get married every day – so it’s pretty natural that you want to look at your very best on this very special moment of your life.

What are some of the beauty tips to keep in mind for the six months preceding the Big Day, though? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

• Create a plan. Everything about your wedding deserves to be thoroughly planned – and your beauty is definitely one of the most important elements. Create a plan with a very clear goal – regardless of what that may be (longer hair, healthier skin, weight loss, and so on). Make sure to be realistic with your goals, though: you will never be able to grow shoulder-length hair from a pixie in six months, same as you won’t be able to drop a healthy seventy-pound weight in that amount of time either.
• Start looking for the beauty pros. Search for a great cosmetologist to treat you with facials at least once in a couple of weeks’ time. Search for a wedding makeup pro who will make sure your face is picture-perfect for the Big Day. Search for a hairstylist able to pull off the kind of hairdo you want for your Big Day. Of course, you can always go the DIY path as well – but if you decide to hire pros for these tasks, be sure you start searching for them about six months ahead of the wedding date, to make sure you find the right ones (and that they’re still available).
• Go through any invasive or non-invasive procedures you may be considering – but do it now. A touch of hyaluronic acid, a bit of a pump in your lips or cheeks, or maybe just a laser hair removal? These are totally fine if you’re comfortable with them – just make sure to get the procedures done at least six months before the Big Day, so that everything’s perfect for the moment you walk down the aisle.

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