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Would you like to know how a typical day for a bride on her wedding day might look?

You would arrive at your Bridal suite, take a moment to relax and get comfortable. You’ll arrange your things out for your big day. You’ll probably even gaze at your beautiful dress for a few moments. Your wedding day has arrived!

Your faithful bridesmaids might help with organizing some last minute details in lieu of starting the day. Your day.

So let’s begin with Hair and makeup:

Your Hair and Makeup should be absolutely flawless on your special day. Making it to an appointment can be a bit stressful depending on locations. Why not have your natural beauty enhanced here on site. If you’d like our stylist to do your hair and makeup we can schedule an appointment for you to have that done here…

This offer isn’t solely for you. It extends to as many in your wedding party as you’d like. You may have as many appointments for mother, bridesmaids, Maid Of Honor etc. Keep in mind that each person will be a separate appointment.

Having your hair and makeup done here makes it really convenient. You can go directly from your appointment to your dressing room to prepare for your wedding photos. Think of how easy it will be to not need to leave and worry about traffic or the weather.

Our professional photographers are busy working in the background. The photographers will be taking photos of all sorts of details. Shots of the wedding dress, the bridal bouquet, your “something borrowed and something blue” and extraordinary moments between family and friends while everyone is enjoying the day. They’ll be catching all the perfect moments that will eventually turn into precious memories.

Once all the primping is done, and everyone is gussied up, it’s time for the bridal portrait session. Our brilliant photographers will take the bride to a variety of gorgeous locations. Each spot has been prepared especially with photography in mind. Think ornamented swings, shaded coves, rustic backdrops, gardens…etc.

Bridesmaids will happily join the bride for a fun creative photo session.

The tradition of the groom and bride not seeing each other is still honored by some, but…A First Look is a special moment that we also encourage.

A First look is when a bride and groom see each other before the ceremony for a private moment. It’s just the two of them while a few photos are taken in the background to document this special time.

It takes away the stress of expectation when walking down the aisle. It gives the bride and groom an intimate moment when they can just be together and cherish all the time they’ve spent planning for their special day. This is especially important since they will only have a few moments before they exchange vows and become husband and wife.

Now the Groom and his guys are off to take their photos. Soon enough the guests will have arrived. Imagine the wedding party lining up in preparation to walk down the aisle. At this point you are excited and anxious to marry the man you’ve fallen in love with. Viola. The moment you all have stressed over and planned is as picture-perfect as you envisioned.

It doesn’t matter how extravagant or intimate the ceremony is, the exchanging of the vows will be the most important and memorable portion. You can’t forget the family portraits before heading on to the reception. The slicing of your unforgettable delicious cake to end the evening with dining and dancing under the stars. How wonderful does that sound? Exactly!


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mountain wedding. bride and groom
closeup of bridebride and dad walking down the aisleview of bride and groom through treesbride and groom leaving chapelbride and groom first dance
Bride standing in front of barnbride and groom posing on a log

Why do so many couples now choose a destination wedding over a traditional local venue? At some point while planning, every couple entertains the idea of having a destination wedding. Who wouldn’t get excited about going somewhere beautiful and unique to exchange vows? Gorgeous scenery sets the mood for the perfect wedding!

Why not to take the plunge with all the convenience of home for equal or better value. A destination venue allows friends and family the opportunity to celebrate your big day in a very exclusive and memorable way.

If you find yourselves debating over which option suits you best, here are our top 11 reasons to have a destination wedding:

  1. Scaling down the party size means you can save a small fortune on wedding meals, buffets and wines or drinks packages.
  2. Get value for your money. Dedicated destination wedding providers offer fantastic deals such as venues, photographers and florists at amazingly low price.
  3. Wedding guests from out of town won’t ask to sleep on your couch.
  4. The dress code. Casual or even more casual.
  5. There’s a Kodak Moment waiting at every turn. Picture-perfect views all around, you won’t have to wait for your wedding photographer to capture the spirit of your event.
  6. Shoes are optional. You can wiggle your toes in the grass as you say ‘I Do’ or wear those high end shoes you love.
  7. You’ll stand out from the rest. Make you family happy and envious!
  8. It’s easier. Which means less stress! Choose a package and keep things simple.
  9. You save on decor. With a destination wedding in a stunning setting, your location supplies the theme. And when you choose an amazing venue, it doesn’t take much to dress it up.
  10. Start the honeymoon early. Many hotels offer automatic upgrades to the bride and groom on their wedding night.
  11. Helps with budgeting. You’ll be at your destination for a few days, so work with your vendors to see how timing can trim costs. Mountain resort towns offer big savings in spring and fall.


Here at Bluff Mountain Inn, we offer a broad range of services to makes planning your big day less complicated. We’re here to help you embrace

  • All inclusive wedding and reception venue.
  • Packages include: wedding planner, florist, ceremony & officiant, professional photography, catering, wedding cake/bakery, beautiful outdoor ceremony sites, decorations, and more.
  • The Smoky Mountains are a beautiful wedding destination.
  • Combine your wedding celebration with a family reunion.
  • Accessible lodging for family and guests in a popular vacation area.

For your your convenience, planning can be done via email, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. Why not choose an established service with excellent high ratings.

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To add some spice in life, a destination wedding in the Smoky Mountains is what I planned to have. Being a bride and selecting all the elements of a memorable wedding up in the mountains, followed by a barn reception, was not easy. I thoroughly enjoyed planning and discussing all the small details of my wedding day. From wedding photography to dresses, cutlery and beer, it was fun and after a lot arguing, everything was set.

A barn reception amidst the nature in comfortable wedding shoes defines a true style of a bride. It engraves the true essence of the relationship which is to define who you and your partner really are. Personal style and shoes are essential to complete the bride’s look. So, if you are having a wedding up in the mountains like me, why not express your bridal sensitivity with your own style of shoes?

For a Gatlinburg wedding, it is truly necessary that the comfort of the bride is considered. A bride like me will not want to walk down the aisle in spiky stilettos up in the mountains. It is a big day; a bride must feel comfortable and relaxed on her big day. Here are some ideas for a bride to feel at ease at her destination wedding up in the Smoky Mountains.

  • A wedding on a mountain range brings feelings of joy, intimacy and love. The intimacy while exchanging vows would be amazing only if a bride is comfortable. A pair of brown or black rugged boots, complimenting a bohemian hairdo or a bohemian looking dress would be the ultimate choice of shoes in the Smoky Mountains.
  • A great look for a Gatlinburg wedding would be an idea of a plain colored dress paired with cowboy boots. Of course, you are the bride; it’s your right to feel comfortable on your big day. Being a bride I always think that cowboy boots with some added western or shabby chic accessories will complete the destination wedding in the mountains.
  • Cute wedge wooden shoes can be the next mountain wedding hipster shoes, praising the wedding aura around you and keeping you comfortable during your photo shoots! You can have your wedding photography revolve around your fashon. There is always a click with the bride’s shoes telling her story of a romantic and hip mountain wedding.
  • A pair of flip flops in a light pastel or bright color like orange will add a personal style and cozy feeling to your wedding up in Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains. Your white bridal gown or dress will definitely compliment the color of the shoes.

It’s your day so do it your way! Have a rustic wedding up in the mountains in your own style. Your style is the only thing which makes you comfortable. Remember to enjoy the breathtaking moments of your wedding in comfort.

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One never know what surprises winter will bring to the Smoky Mountains.  Yesterday an ice storm coated all the trees, cars and anything that wasn’t moving with a pretty thick coat of ice.  Best thing to do is bundle up, go out and enjoy the views.

A panoramic view of the snow covered lawn


The big red barn event center at Bluff Mountain Inn


So many weddings take place in the mountains all seasons.  According to online statistics the 3 most popular destination wedding locations in the world are:  1. Las Vegas 2. Istanbul Turkey and 3. Gatlinburg TN. 

We’ve been living in these Smoky Mountains for so many years that we sometimes take them for granted, but for millions of people around the world this place is a vacation destination as well as a family tradition.  So what better place can you think of to have a combination of your wedding ceremony, a family reunion and a big party?

Panoramic shot of mountain view from Bluff Mountain Inn

Here are some other interesting stats about weddings. The average engagement in the United States is 15 months.  The national average cost of a wedding dress is $1,211.  The average number of guests at each wedding is 133-143.  17% of American brides in 2012 opted for a “casual” wedding and we believe that number is going up.  These numbers come from a report done by CNN and this has nothing to do with the beautiful images you’re looking at, but we are in the wedding business and like to talk about it!

Ice on the pine tree with the big red event barn in the background.

Bluff Mountain Inn has some pretty spectacular scenery in every season of the year.  Winter, spring, summer or fall, this secluded five acre private estate can be the ideal location for your Gatlinburg Wedding Destination.  Call us to schedule a tour or just visit and see what great ideas we can come up with together.  The sky’s the limit.

Ice on the lights that make for beautiful reception decorationIce covering the Magnolia tree in the front lawnChristmas lights in the tree for evening wedding receptions on the lawnIce covering the stems of a magnolia tree on Bluff Mountain

Photographs are by Rick King, RIK Photography, who just happens to be our resident wedding photographer.  Thanks for visiting our blog and please check in again ; )

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The time leading up to your wedding day is usually (and naturally) one of the most stressful times of your life. It is stressful in a good way but stressful nonetheless. Because there are so many items that have to be remembered in the midst of all the stress, it is a very good idea to create a wedding checklist so as not to forget or overlook anything. And these days, couples have an especially great advantage in that there are many websites which provide a wedding checklist for you.

Depending on your budget, there are even professional consultants who can help you plan your wedding and create your customized wedding checklist. But if you hire a wedding consultant, be prepared to pay a significant fee as these pros do not come cheap. One source reported a wedding consultant making $1,800 to $2,850 USD per wedding. Part of that consultant’s job is to make a list so you might save some money by doing your own wedding checklist.

Wedding Checklist: The Really Important Items

Of course everyone will have an opinion as to what is important and what is not on a wedding checklist but there are some major items that most agree are critical. These are items that are potential showstoppers if overlooked. One item that most do not think about but it is very critical is the wedding budget. If you and your spouse-to-be do not sit down and get a rough idea of what you can afford to spend then you risk running out of money before everything has been ordered and arranged. If you, as a bride (or groom), are fortunate enough to have your parents pay the bill, then it would be most thoughtful of you to sit down with them and try to budget the expenses. Your parents will greatly appreciate your doing that.

Once you have budget in place planning as your first item on your wedding checklist. You can then prioritize the other major items that you cannot forget. At the top of the list should be the bridal gown and the groom’s attire. Then next should be the attire for the members of the bridal party. And even before planning the attire of the wedding party should be just deciding who you want to be in your wedding party. Deciding the members of your wedding party is a topic itself because it can get very complicated. The attire portion of your checklist is a really important one because you are going to have to arrange things like fittings for rentals or if attire is being custom made.

Other really important items on your wedding checklist include the place of the wedding and reception. These need to be at the top of the list as well because you will probably have to reserve the venues in advance. This is where a venue like Bluff Mountain Inn can be a lifesaver.

Our professional wedding planners can assist you in making decisions about things like what food will be served, what type of ceremony you want to have, what the theme or decor of your reception will be. Bluff Mountain Inn is an all inclusive wedding and reception venue located in the Gatlinburg / Pigeon Forge region of the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.

Destination weddings are our specialty. Our great clients come from all over the country and sometimes around the world to be married in the mountains and have their friends and family be able to join in on the festivities. Whether it’s a party of 2 or 20 or 200 we can accommodate and host a beautiful wedding and reception; a celebration of your new united family. But back to the checklist…

Conclusion: The Overlooked Items

Then there are the items that can be easily forgotten if left off of the wedding checklist. These are items such as the rings, the guest book, the invitations, the flowers (we can help you with that), the honeymoon reservations, the attire for the honeymoon, the thank you cards, a photographer, keepsakes for the guests, and music for the reception. The list can just go on and on. One advantage couples have today that was not available to their parents is the internet where you can find many sample checklists that can serve as great starting points in building their own customized list. Making a wedding checklist is very important and it is one item you must not overlook.

And might we suggest that you make Bluff Mountain Inn your all-inclusive wedding destination. Our team of wedding professionals are happy to work with you to make sure no detail is overlooked. You can plan your wedding via email or phone from hundreds of miles away and know that it will truly be one of the best days of your life.

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