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Opt for a Classic Rose-Based Bridal Bouquet!

Most brides want to carry down the aisle a bouquet that represents them and what they genuinely believe in – and that’s perfectly understandable. A bridal bouquet is more than just an accessory to keep your hands busy (although it can definitely play this role as well, given how nervous you will be as you walk down the aisle).

A bridal bouquet is the accessory that complements your most important dress, it is a piece that shows off your personality, it is a touch of grace and beauty to mirror who you are and what your hopes for the future are.

It is no wonder, then, that roses are one of the most popular bloom for bridal bouquets. Romantic and sweet, these flowers seem to have been made for weddings – and they come in so many wonderful combinations that it’s impossible not to find a rose bouquet that will suit you!

Following, we have gathered some of the very best and most inspiring bridal bouquet ideas based on roses – so read on if you are looking for something special.

  • White and delicate. There’s nothing as timeless as a white bridal bouquet – so if you want to take the very traditional path, this is for you. White roses, combined with ball dahlias and maybe even ranunculus can look so amazingly pretty when brought together! Pure grace and uniqueness at the same time!
  • Blushing and romantic. If you don’t want the classic red rose bouquet, there are other ways to bring in that romantic touch. For instance, you could talk to your florist and ask them to combine spray roses with jasmine vines, scabiosa, and a few berries – the bouquet will look wildly beautiful and full of passion and love. Just perfect for a bride who loves the strength of red and the uniqueness of a modern twist!
  • Bold and unique. This is another twist on the classic red roses bouquet – one that’s perfect for a bride who wants to make a statement without straying too far away from traditional looks. Combining red roses with another bold colored-flower (such as eryngium) will create a gorgeous effect and make your bouquet really stand out from the crowd.

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