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Not Sure How to Talk about Wedding Costs to Your Parents? These Tips Will Help

Money can always be a stingy topic, even when it’s not necessarily wedding money. When it comes to splitting the costs of the Big Day, though, you want to make things clear from the very beginning. Yes, tradition dictates that the bride’s parents pay for the reception, while the groom’s parents pay for the rehearsal dinner – but these days, things are rarely that traditional.

So how do you talk to your parents about the one topic that scares all brides and grooms: money?

We have some tips to help you with this – so read on and find out more.


  • Talk to your loved one first. How do you want to handle this? Do you want to accept your parents’ money or would you much rather pay for the wedding in full? And if you do want to accept your parents’ financial help, how much will you accept? Will they pay for the entire wedding, which side will do it, and if you’re going to split the costs, how will this be done? Clear things out with your fiancé so that you’re both on the same page on this matter.
  • Always be polite. Even if you refuse your parents’ help, do it politely and explain your reasons. If you accept their help, be sure to thank them, but also remember to reiterate that there will be certain limits. When people participate financially in the creation of something (i.e. a wedding in this case), they might expect to have a say in the things that comprise it. If you’re not completely OK with that, talk to your parents about it – but, again, be polite about it.
  • Talk to the other side too. Will both your parents and his parents help with the wedding costs? Make sure you run it by both sides before you decide on anything. You really don’t want his parents to feel undermined, and you don’t want that for your parents either. Again, when money’s in the middle, a lot of feelings can be hurt, so it’s absolutely crucial that you handle everything with a lot of grace and tact.


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