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Not Sure How to Plan Your Guest List? Here Are Some Tips!

Of all the wedding planning tasks, creating the guest list might actually be one of the single most important steps. This will determine not only who joins you on your wedding day, but also the type of venue you have to book, the type of menu that’s more appropriate, and, overall, the ambiance of your wedding.

How do you plan the guest list, though? We have some tips for you – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • Be clear to your parents from the very beginning. This is as much a big event for them as it is for you, so you might have to face the fact that they want to invite a bunch of people too. If you are not comfortable with this, be sure to discuss it before you even start to talk about the guest list. This is especially important if your parents are financially involved in the wedding.
  • Be realistic from the very beginning too. If you know your budget is tight, there’s absolutely no point in planning a very long guest list (as this can be one of the main factors that pushes the budget over the limit). Likewise, if you want a destination wedding, accept the fact that many of those you invite to your wedding might not make it (due to financial reasons, time-related issues and so on).
  • Establish your own ground rules. Talk to your fiancé and establish very clearly who gets invited and who doesn’t. For instance, you might discuss that you will not invite people you haven’t seen face to face in the last couple of years. Or you might establish a rule according to which people you simply work with will not be invited. Whatever rule you set though, be sure it’s set in stone and that you both abide to it, no exception.
  • Create a B-list too. If you absolutely want to make sure you will reach a certain number of guests, create a B-list too. When people on the A-list let you know they can’t make it to the wedding, invite those on the B-list. To make sure this happens, you should start by sending the first round of invitations long before the actual wedding date.

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