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Some of our couples need a little edge to add to their wedding day. We have some ideas.

So you need a little edge?

Maybe a candlelit dinner in Gatlinburg and a leisurely stroll through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is not your idea of “a fun celebration”. If you need a little edge or more thrill after you say, “I do” then read on to discover some ideas for your offbeat wedding day.

We love our couples! Each set is so unique, has their own unique story and their own special “vibe”. Some couples come with big wedding dresses, tux, and tails. Then there are others who celebrate their individuality in ways that are special to them as they follow their hearts.

Sierra & Jonathon

Sierra and Jonathon recently Eloped to the Mountains here at Bluff Mountain Inn. We asked Sierra to share their love story so we could share it on our blog!

“Wow! That’s awesome. We would love that! We actually met through a mutual friend. He and I worked at the same place (he worked there twice) but we never worked together!

Elope to the Mountains

This mutual friend, his name is Jimmy, was my absolute best friend. We did everything together and we were going out for drinks one night and Jonathan happened to tag along since he knew Jimmy and was close with his as well.

We tried to deny ourselves the instant connection because we both just got out of serious relationships. I, a few days later, asked for his number.

I thought about him every single day until I asked. I thought he was the most beautiful man I had ever seen. After Jimmy got his approval for giving me the number, I sparked conversation. I actually came onto him.

If you need a little edge here

He agreed he had felt the same way. We met May 24, 2014, and after those first few days when we finally spoke again, we’ve been together ever since. We both agree we are each other’s best friends and better halves.

We’ve both made each other better people. Grown together, the chemistry is all the way there. We describe ourselves as a power couple; a team. Neither of us is behind the other. We stand beside one another through it all. Every step of life.

We help each other out and can depend on the opposite person. Together, we really can accomplish anything.”

Our photographers had some great fun with this couple.

Elope to the mountains

It’s so true that every couple is unique. If that candlelit dinner in Gatlinburg and a leisurely stroll through the woods is not your idea of the ideal wedding celebration or if you need a few more thrills after you say, “I do”, here are some ideas we came up with that our area of Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg have to offer after your wedding.

  1. Skydiving- talk about an adrenaline rush! As if preparing to walk down the isle wasn’t exciting enough, this will top it off! Skydive East Tennessee takes you 11,000 feet in the air. Wearing a tandem parachute, you and your instructor will freefall for 45 seconds, reaching 120 mph before deploying the chute. The 5 minute decent will offer views that cannot be seen any other way.
  1. Tattoos- The area offers many great tattoo parlors. We suggest Southern Draw due to their professionalism and exceptional cleanliness. Matching tattoos would be cool! But I think the rule-of-thumb to not get someone’s name tattooed on your body may still apply here.
  1. Tuckaleechee Caverns- Our national park is beautiful! Don’t get us wrong, but maybe you’re looking for something off of nature’s beaten path. The Tuckaleechee Caverns is a mile long descent 150 feet underground. Along with the impressive geological formations, there is a crystal clear stream that flows throughout the cave.
  1. Wonderworks- This indoor amusement park offers over 100 hands-on exhibits. You will pass through the inversion tunnel where you will have to realign yourself to experience this entertainment.  Has lying on a bed of nails ever crossed your mind? Or maybe you’ve wanted to try climbing a rock wall. This place will keep you busy for hours.
  1. Alcatraz East Museum- Viewing the white Ford Bronco that OJ used as a getaway car may not be the most romantic thing, but this museum offers an in-depth look at American crime. This museum is not entirely dedicated to Alcatraz and is divided into 5 different galleries of crime.


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