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Janine & Nick’s Love Story

We had a wonderful time working with Janine & Nick along with a few friends and family on their wedding day.

Janine agreed to share their love story with us.  We hope you enjoy it.

“In 1996 at the ripe old age of 17 I jetted off to Tenerife, a Spanish island off the coast of Africa, for my summer holiday. On my first night there I met Nick, 23, who was there working for the summer. We spent every day and evening together. Once back in England we kept in touch and Nick visited but we were young and our lives went in different directions. In 2008 with the launch of Facebook Nick found me again but we were both in relationships and lived in 2 different countries. In 2013, now both single again, Nick decided to try his luck by sending a flirtatious message. From then on we messaged all day, every day not allowing the 5 hour time difference to interfere. 2 years later and some flying back and forth Nick took a leap and proposed on New Years Eve 2014. After 19 years in the making we finally became one on 6/26/2015. Excited to finally be together and to see what life has in store for us! Thanks to Bluff Mountain and staff for making our day even more special”

We’re happy to get the chance to host weddings for people from around the world.  What wonderful job to have!

Congratulations and Cheers to the happy couple beginning the rest of their lives together.

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