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It’s Really Important to Follow These Etiquette Rules When Planning a Bridal Shower

If you have been assigned with the planning of a bridal shower, you surely want to make sure it turns out amazing- both for the bride, and for everyone else invited too.

What is the etiquette surrounding bridal showers, though? What are some of the rules you still have to follow today, in 2019?

We have some tips for you – keep reading and find out more.

  • Who throws the party? Well, most of the times, the maid of honor is tasked with this assignment – and she will most likely plan the bridal shower together with the other bridesmaids and maybe even other friends of the bride. Whatever you do though, don’t leave this in the hands of the bride – not only does she have a lot of things to handle for the Big Day, but it is considered rude for a bride to plan her bridal shower (because some people might perceive it as a way for her to ask for gifts).
  • Who pays for the party? Well, whoever hosts the party pays for it as well. It is not uncommon, however, that multiple people participate in the paying of the bridal shower – e.g. all the bridesmaids, the bride’s mother, and so on.
  • How large should it be? Not very large. In fact, the bridal shower is considered to be an intimate event, and the focus should obviously lie on the bride. Therefore, the guest list should only include close relatives and friends. And yes, you can totally invite men as well, especially if they are close to the bride. You might want to skip children from the invitation list, however, if you want to make sure the bride and her friends will actually have time to enjoy themselves without worrying the little ones might get in trouble.
  • Should there be a theme and a dress code? Well, yes, especially if you want this to be a very special bridal shower. It doesn’t have to be something really fancy – you can just ask people to dress in pastel colors, for example.

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